Spotlight: Crate and Barrel for your Entertaining Needs

OK, So I hope you had a blast this summer?

I did and I thank my trusted store Crate and Barrel for all my entertaining needs.

I bought 95% of all my party supplies from Crate and Barrel for under $150.00.

You may think that sounds expensive, but when you cost in the amount of paper goods, it actually costs slightly more than getting actual plates, glasses, cloth napkins, and napkin rings.

So, if you have a hectic schedule, but your significant other wants to celebrate -- fall months equally the major holidays are coming up! My go to site is crateandbarrel their outlet site, it takes a minute to figure out the page, but you will get there.

I bought a dozen water glasses for 22.95, those are some of the glasses, those "serving trays" are actually, chargers--heavy weight silver tone chargers, those I got at a steal for 6 for 24.99, I love cloth napkins because after guests leave you take them to the cleaners and reuse them again, also I tried a new thing called an appetizer party and I bought 24 appetizer plates for 24.00, here's a pic of the napkins were 2.95, napkin rings were under a dollar--final sale and of course the plates.

Also, they have cute small boxes, you can use for dipping sauces or nuts for under $2.00, here is a pic with the "serving trays"

Need a centerpiece? Live floral centerpieces can cost from $50.00 and up depending on the flowers. So, my take on a centerpiece, floating candles, colored pebbles, in a large dish, my centerpiece cost.....$40.00, ten dollar savings, YES from crateandbarrel !

One place setting, appetizer plates go well as salad plates as well!
This is the complete look for under $20.00! Thanks Crate and Barrel!
Lastly, I needed  to put together a quick Summertime brunch, I already had the basics, but needed a little color pop and crateandbarrel had the table runner, matching place clothes and napkin rings, as final sale and discontinued. The last look will reveal how much the total look cost.

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