OPI, China Glaze, Essie--Which Gives the Longer Mani/Pedi

Nail Polishes are a girl best friend, next to that 8 carat Harry Winston engagement ring.

There are no discounts to high quality, authentic diamonds, Sorry...

OK, I digress, today we are focusing on NAILS!

I have become of a BIG fan of DIY nails for several reasons, I know that the tools that I use on my nails are extremely clean and I am the only one using the tools for my nails and feet. And, I can do them at my leisure, without that toxic chemical smell.

Anyway,which leads me to be a big fan of nail polishes.

Manicure Mondays are my thing! So between the top three brands which on last the longest?

Let's do a price check OPI brand costs $9.50 a bottle, China Glaze cost $7.00 to $ 7.25 a bottle, and Essie costs 8.25 a bottle.

Last week I used Essie "Wrapped in Rubies" and by the time Wednesday came around, I had to redo my mani.

The other week, I tried OPI, "I don't Bite" lasted me through out the whole entire week.

China Glaze is OK and I didn't have to reapply but for the term "Glaze", I thought it would give my a glossy finish; which it did not.

So, the winner for the  DIY nail polish challenge is.....OPI, may cost more, but your mani will last for the entire week!


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