Want to feel part of Fashion Week?

Some people may get those coveted invites from Oscar De La Renta, and Tory Burch to be guest at those shows.

However, some of us may not, but that does not mean that you can't enjoy a good fashion show, during fashion week.

New York City Fashion Scene is exploding and if you do your careful research, through Eventbrite, follow new and upcoming designers, you may get an invite to one of their shows.

Many of the Alexander Wang's and Tracy Reese's started out that way, putting on a show with people whom they did not know, but they did it well and consistent and after a while, they received major financial backing and look at them now.

I remember an interview that I saw with Rebecca Minkoff, and she said, when started out, she made flyers and she and her friend stood on a the corner inviting people to come and look and her handbags. Now her handbags retail at min. for $250.00.

So, support new artists and entrepreneurs with big dreams, because you never know where your next source of inspiration or you new look will emerge. And after the show send them a thank you note, they will feel as though their hard work was worth it and you never know a couple of years from now, you may get one of those invite for a front row seat at Lincoln Center.

Enjoy the many designers. Good Luck to them all established and new comers!


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