Best Wings in NYC

If your partner is a sports fanatic, then I am certain you must have eaten a couple of chicken wings in your day. 

Chicken wings now come in all exotic flavors such as Asian glazed, or Caribbean Spice or Chipolte blend, which is a good thing because it shows the evolution of the product, from the hot sauce that made your fingers red for days.

OK, now back to the Best Wings in NYC, I would have to say hands down are Virgil's from Virgil's BBQ located in Times Square.

Reason, they are marinaded in wonderful delicate spices and are grilled liked BBQ, then they have a great sauce that is neither hot nor is it super sweet. Wonderful, love them to pieces, eat them at the bar with the Jack Daniels Lemonade, while watching the game, absolutely wonderful!

You can grab some to go, but better order early on game day!

That's my choice for NYC's best wings, sorry no pic, the guys at the bar would have found it strange if I started to take pics of my food.


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