Date Night: Movie Night

If you don't have time to get into a "good book" but need a good escape, watching a good movie has always taken my mind off things and allows me to refocus.

So, since we are "Falling Into Health" here my few suggestions for Movie Night.

1. Bridesmaids
This was really funny, a bit gross, but if you ever needed a great laugh pick this.

2. Horrible Bosses
Who knew Jennifer Aniston could talk so "sexy/dirty?"

3. Sea biscuit
Great inspirational story of making it against the odds.

4. Trains, Planes, and Automobiles
This is Steve Martin classic, especially with the holidays coming around the corner, you might want to think twice before making travel plans.

5. What's Your Number?
I had such a great laugh with this Anna Farris movie, I am certain that many ladies have tried to track down their exes in the process of meeting that special someone.

6. The Hangover Part I-
You may want to think twice before going to a bachelor party.

Get some popcorn and lower your stress levels.

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