Get OUT!!! My Shopping Finds

OK, I know some may think, that all I do is run up a credit card bill, by click, click.

Which is far from true, this month is all about health and gearing up for the festivities of the late Nov. and Dec.

And I love fall in NYC because, it is not too cold or hot, so I can walk as much as possible while still taking in the city's atmosphere.

So, one particular weekend I decided to give myself a challenge and go to Austin Street in Forest Hills, which is in Queens. No, it is not a mall! It is the So Ho of Queens, with a variety of shops and restaurants.

Challenge: Get the things I need for at least $10.00 less

As you know candles and scents are one of my favorite things in the world.

First Stop:  Bath and Body Works
This store was having a sale on 3 wick candles. 
They had the traditional "fall scents," but I came across a great find stress reliever brand, the Eucalyptus and Lemon Candle, the scent was so amazing and did the job of relieving stress.
Because the size of the candle and burn time it would last me 3 weeks, where more expensive candles last a week.
Price Check: 2 for $20.00 with tax $21.40 
Savings: $20.00, one normally retails for the price of one

Second Stop: Sephora
Picked up the "Mini" Fall Colors which was 24.00 with tax it would have come up to over 30.00, bought three normal size bottles which would last me for six months.
Price Check $31.03
Plus I used my VIB points to get complete samples for fall, which includes products from Anastasia Brow Company and Smash Box.
Savings: $15.00

Third Stop: Grocery Store
I cook for the entire week on Sunday's so I needed a couple of things.
Portabella Mushrooms--3.99
Rao's Pasta Sauce- 7.99-- Whole Foods in Columbus Circle, 9.99
Pure Hibiscus Tea--3.99-- Specialty Health Food Store--10.00
Grocery Total: 15.97 
Savings: $20.00

So, I didn't have to pay high shipping fees and I got my "steps" in for the day.

Sometimes, you have to trade click, click for step, step!

Thanks Austin Street!


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