The Best Shapewear

Shape wear and bras have come a long since the Playtex 18 hour bra, that my grandmother's use to wear.

Then there is Victoria's Secret for the teens an early 20's who want to look cute, but as you get older you need support, especially if you are a full- breasted woman. 

Today the average American woman wears 36 DD way up from 36 C of ten years ago. So my best bets for coverage and support hand  is Wacoal  bras. They provide wonderful support and are extremely beautiful and come in matching sets. 

The best Wacoal selection, I have seen is in Bloomingdale's. The bras come in sexy patterns for that "special" night, as well as minimizer's if you are having that major presentation and don't want all eyes on your breasts. The strapless bras give great support as well to wear with your strapless maxi dresses. Of course they do come at a premium and I do stock up during sale day.

Now, we come to shape wear all women do not want to put on that "perfect" garment with bulges, no matter what size, I love Spanx, because it is breathable yet it does the trick in giving a woman a flawless figure.

So as we plan for next month's round of holiday parties, don't forget the "foundation."

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