Adult Etiquette = Good Mannered Children

I read an article in the NYT Style Section about the rude and disrespectful behavior that children from the "Upper East Side."

Some were trying to figure out what could have gone wrong? These were all children from "good" families, but they acting extremely rude and showing they had no manners.

Thankfully, I came into my parent's life in their later years. I was  raised by my father who is a survivor of WWII and the Great Depression and my mother who is a South American immigrant. 

The two things that were engrained in my mind were get a great education and discipline!

Growing up when adults wanted to talk, I had to leave the room, until they were finished talking. If you "accidentally overheard" something, you were told that was not for your ears or your lips. 

I was never to use the word "hate" because it was too strong of an emotion, you disliked the action of what someone did, but you never hated anyone.

I was taught the value of work from an early age, from basic household chores, simple things like cleaning up after yourself and making up your bed. The importance of always saying "please and thank you."

When I did receive a gift from anyone, I was made to "write" a thank you note and send it to that person, immediately.

During, special holidays, you waited until the meal was served, there was no "picking."

I did go to plays and orchestras at least once a month; you sat in your seat and you did not talk through a performance, or even take pictures of the performers. After the performance, I was able to share what I liked about the event to my parents over dinner at a Manhattan restaurant, where you better had used proper etiquette.

If I was allowed to go to a party my mother made sure: 
1a. She really knew who the parents were, and I had to receive the invite at least two weeks prior to the event, for her to consider my involvement.
1. You always brought something for the person,whose home you are entering. 
2. You ate a small meal before going to the event "Don't go to any one's home and eat like it's the last supper."
 3. My mother always arrived 15 min. before the event ended to pick me up. "Never be the first to arrive and the last to leave!"
4. You always followed up the next day with a "Thank You" card in the mail!

At religious functions, where you entered the house of GOD, simple rules: NO talking, NO chewing gum, NO looking around. Your body was fully covered no bare arms and your skirt must cover your knees, when you sat down.After the ceremonies where over, you WAITED for instructions. 

During these functions, I thought if I moved the wrong way, God was going to Zing Me.

This type of training and discipline is what needs to be reintroduced into American Society, because it really gives children, clear boundaries and gives them discipline that carries over into school and eventually work.

My two cents...

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