Battle of the Boxes: Sugar Must Have Boxes Win!

KUDO's to the founder's of Birchbox, Sample Box Society, and all the other sample societies.

If you can build a multi-million dollar company off of samples, then you are truly a genius.

I did subscribe to Sample Box Society from and the packaging was awesome and the five samples, I received with a $15.00 coupon towards any purchase in the box, with a mini mag of beauty tips from Allure Magazine, so for $15.00 a month, good, but not great.

It was still a bit pricey for me because I use a range of beauty products, from various stores. I figure if I order from or even gives beauty samples, I am guaranteed to get 3 free samples with every purchase, so for 3 stores that's a total of 15 samples.When my points are at a ridiculous level at then, I get deluxe full size samples from Stilla,etc.

But, I still wanted something that I can look forward every month, my treat to myself for a job well done!

BEHOLD-- The Must Have Box by Pop Sugar Blogs.
Sugar Blogs are head up by Lisa Sugar and they just took the world of sample boxes to another level.

Sugar boxes are called "Must Haves" and Lisa and her team research the latest products and create wonderful monthly boxes, which have "FULL SIZE" products in them. As I eagerly await my, October had full-size bottles of OPI nail polish, and the latest J.K. Rowling book. Nov. had a yoga shirt.

Now, this is truly a service that I am look forward to paying $35.00 every month and shipping is FREE, it is Christmas for me every month, and things that I can't use, I have a stockpile for gifts for friends and families.

So, between, the battle of the boxes Sugar: Must Have's monthly box is SO well worth it!

Check them out, you won't regret it.


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