Creating an Awesome Tabletop with Impulse Designs

I am certain that you know that I love for things to look awesome!

Especially when it comes to entertaining and creating an awesome tabletop.

The wonderful people at Impulse Designs-- provide wonderful supplies for the Four Seasons Hotel, etc.

Based on the response from,  you guys snapped up Impulse Designs great martini glasses and wine globlets.

By now everyone should have china, by the way still has some create pieces left, we are still using the awesome Raj votive holders that we bought at,, the centerpiece this season should be of course holiday poinsettas.

However, a great tabletop isn't great without that extra dazzle, and we at positivexpert, know that to achieve this we can use awesome chargers.

We are extremely lucky to have Gabriel from Impulse Designs, share her top picks to make your holiday tabletop dazzle with chargers.
This is a great charger with traditional green tablecloths and Waterford red and white crystal glasses

This great gold fanned charger is ideal for any table top paired with green, blue, or red tablecloths

Happy New YEAR, something about silver and New Year always says class and elegance!

Once again thanks to Gabriel and her team at, for sharing these awesome items.

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