Hosting a Girls Night Out

Key Ideas to Hosting a Girls Night Out

1. Fashion Show:,
 Have your friends bring over their best clothing and makeup. Every does their own makeup and fashion. Get a great play list and have your own fashion show. I use to do this in college and is was so much fun!

2. Game Night:
Who said BINGO was for the elderly, BINGO is great fun and very entertaining,
Monopoly anyone???
Card games- If the guys can get together for poker night, then why can't we...

3. Movie Night:
Have a ROMCOM fest, you know all the SJP and Jennifer Aniston films that your boyfriend can't stand!  Designate a night that you and the girls will get together and watch, laugh, and enjoy all these films.

4. Zumba Night:
Zumba is the latest dance/fitness craze, who cares, who isn't following to tee, just have fun!!

5. Go somewhere different!
A great site is and they have really great events for discounted prices, such as Medieval Times, or go sledding in the Catskills, try a unique and fun adventure.

Here's to girl power!!

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