It's All About the RUM...

Everyone has a specific hard liqour that they like for some it is tequila- Patron is great, for some it's Bourbon, and for me it's all about the RUM!

Hey, if you are headed to the Caribbean this winter, then you should pay attention, because that is the alcohol of choice.

However, if you are wondering what type of rum to buy for that punch or mojito, here's the deal:

1. Light Rum- The best kind for drinking straight or for that mojito.

2. Medium Dark Rum- It has a stronger flavor, many chefs use this for desserts such as Bananas Foster.

3. Dark Rum- This rum has a very strong and distinct flavor and throughout the Caribbean, many people use this type of rum to soak there dried fruits for the traditional "black wedding cake." The fruits are normally soaked in this type of rum for a year so when it is used and baked the flavor of the rum is still there adding moisture to the cake and the flavor is wonderful!!

So cheers to enjoying a great glass of rum with a twist of lime or for your wedding day, try a small black cake baked with dark rum!

Cheers to rum and love!!

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