Wedding Season is Among Us!

So, after a great courtship to your soulmate, you are engaged!

Now is the time when it should be the most enjoyable time, the fun of planning everything.

To make life less stressful here are our suggestions:

1.Decide on Your Collective Vision:

Many grooms want to be part of the wedding planning activities, so ask your hubby to be, what specifically he wants to be a part of and let him handle those tasks.

2. Decide Upfront How Many People You Want at Your Wedding.
If you are the first one in your family to get married then your parents want to invite everyone including a 10th relative twice removed.
Bride's Parent's Guest List
Groom's Parent's Guest List
Your Collective Guest List
As a rule of thumb if you haven't spoken to anyone on your guest list in 3 months, then don't send them an invite!

Also, any ex- boyfriends, girlfriends, one-night stands, hook-ups, should never be on the guest list, this is your HOLY DAY, and nothing from the past that is any form of negativity should be present.

3. Location/ Destination/
Where should we have our wedding? Destination weddings are extremely tricky and expensive because unless you have family living in that host country, permits, time, etc. it is very difficult to obtain these licenses. 
In reality you are only going to that location the week of the wedding. Key note: If you do get married in another country, depending on that country's treaty with the U.S. your marriage may not be recognized in the U.S.

4. Ceremony:
This is the most precious part of the entire wedding. You and your hubby to be shouldn't take this lightly at all. It should really represent who you are spiritually as a couple and who is present at the ceremony should want to see your marriage work, "until death do they part."

5. Reception:
Party time! Do you want a a Big Band or DJ or both? I use to be a dancer, so I want to party! But, some couples want the elegance of a Big Band or Jazz Quartet, so again whatever you want decide collectively.
Food- The most important thing, find out if your venue would allow you to bring in your own chef, and have multiple tastings, you should never have a shortage on food, cake and alcohol. Even if you don't drink.
Entertainment- Some people have entertainment at there reception, personally, I am not into giving anyone a free show, but again it depends on the couple.

6. See our Feb. article on unique favors!

Cheers to long lasting marriages!!!


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