How to Shop Designer Labels

Many people ask me I really want to try the new Prabal collection at Target, but whenever a high-end designer does a retail those clothes never fit.

In defense of these designers, they normally design their luxury collection for a model whose measurements are that of a size 0 or someone who is at max. 100 pounds. They are constantly around women who are these measurements, that is what their world dictates.

The average American woman is a size 16, so when they do mass retail collections their clothes always will run on the smaller size, you must always size up at least one size. So if you are an 8 and wear a small in non- designer brands, then size up to a medium, if you are a 10 size to a large, and if you are a 12 or 14 size to an extra large.

Does this mean that you need to go on a fast or diet? No, not at all this is just the way the fashion design world works, but that does not mean to say that you can't parttake in their collections, just know the measurements.

Don't get fooled by sizes either, if a garment is properly made and you are well styled then size means nothing, what matters is the fit of the garment. I have seen many size 0's who look horrible because the clothes are poorly made or they are not styled right and yes some size 0's and 6's need to wear Spanx.

Embrace who you are and enjoy all the designer collections, whether you stop by their Madison Ave. showroom or buy their collection at Target or Kohl's.

Cheers to Good Fashion!

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