Creative Fundraising: Open Your Closet

Summer time is also summer fundraisers and especially out in the Hamptons.

 You were called on to be on this committee and of course you have to make a donation or invite friends.

But, you don't feel like  asking your friends to open their check book. What do you do?

This is what I did, I can no longer wear high heels, maxi dresses, or high/low dresses because I could potentially fall and injure myself again.

So, I had at least 10 brand new fashion items that I could no longer wear, so I called up some family members told them about the charity, and if they wanted to assist they could donate a min. amount and I set the price at an even amount that would yield me my fundraising goal.

I also gave them a time frame as to when they could come in a make a purchase and have them directly write the check to the charity.

This did two things, they got something out of it, they also didn't feel as though I was constantly begging them for a donation, and it was fun.

Brand new clothes for the summer, who wouldn't want that???

Cheers to creatively meeting fundraising goals!

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