Pantry Check for Unexpected Guests

Summertime is a light and breezy time. It is also the time of year when people "stop by" they are visiting someone in area and figure they would give you a visit.

Here are several must haves for these uninvited guests:

1. 2 bottles of white wine
2. 2 bottles of red whine
3. 2 bottles of sparkling wine

1. Cold Bottled Water/ Room Temperature Water
2. Lemonade
3. Ice Tea

The best appetizer company is The Perfect Bite Company, you can buy there products at HSN, Saks, William Sonoma or buy from the company directly.
My picks are:
1. Eggplant Pizza
2. Mushroom Pizza
3. Mini-Cheeseburgers- Apple wood Smoked Bacon to Onion and Blue Cheese
4. Classic Pigs Blanket
These are super easy just put them in the oven at 425 at 20 min., so from time your guests call and when they arrive they will have tasty treats

Water Crackers- light airy crackers that are served in the UK.

The best nuts are Bobby Sue Nuts you can get two large jars of their gourmet nuts for 21.95, typical honey roasted, chocolate covered nuts, and nuts with a little kick!

As for sweets:
1. Have a batch of cookies and brownies in the freezer.

Cheers to welcoming/ unwelcoming guests!

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