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End of Summer Soiree Menu

So, as the middle of August approaches so does the last of the summer soirees.

People begin to head back out work and school, but you too can say bon voyage to summer in style.

Things to get:

12 Mason Jars with Handles
12 Ramekins
Place cards
Flowers--Sunflowers and Daisy Mix
Linens- End of Summer Colors anything Al Fresco


Main Menu:
Rosemary and Olive Oil Baked Chicken:
3 Organic Chicken Cut- Up washed in lemon and vinegar
3 cloves of Garlic
1/2 teaspoon of Paprika
1 Tablespoon of Turmeric
1/4 teaspoon of Sea Salt
6 Sprigs of Fresh Rosemary
When Chicken is all cut- up and washed, season with the above ingredients
Bake chicken in a non aluminum pan and coat chicken with good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Bake chicken at 350 for 25 min, til crispy.

Salmon Sliders
I know you see them in the grocery store but my recipe is truly a delicious.
3 lbs. of Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon fillets
3 cloves of Garlic
1 Tablespoon of Paprika
1 green bell pepper
1 red bell pepper
3 eggs
1/2 cup of Italian …

The WORSE Times to Go Clothes Shopping

We talked a lot about going Fall Wardrobe shopping.

But there are some times LADIES where we should NOT step foot in a Clothing Store.

1. During PMS:
It is a known fact that all women have some form of bloating during this time, so when go clothes shopping, you are shopping at least one size up from your normal size. And it will depress YOU!

2. When You are ANGRY!!
You just had a fight with your significant other or with an ungrateful child or sibling. What do you do? Retail Therapy because it FEELS GOOD! You want to reward yourself because none else will, during these times you will rack up a ton of debt! Don't do it..

3. Shopping with a Friend
Most people mean well, but friends have the power of persuasion, how many times, have you heard while shopping with a friend. "You deserve it!"  "You only live once!" If he won't show you appreciate then you have to appreciate yourself." WRONG-- When you shop by yourself you are more likely to NOT to spend mone…

Health and Your Child

We are constantly bombarded with the realization the horrors of childhood obesity; however most parents don't know how to deal with a child who has a weight issue.

Growing up I can remember going to my pediatrician every month and being scolded by him that I was overweight, then when I came home I was scolded again, then when my cousins visited I was made to feel horrible about myself because they were on average 5'7" and 115 lbs. and was treated like royalty.

So how does a parent effectively deal with a child who has a weight problem?

1. Find one thing that is not weight related and praise him and her for that aspect.

2. Make certain that you are substituting healthier options without their knowledge, I know prepare Morningstar Breakfast sausage for my father, he loves them and he still thinks he is eating pork sausage.

3. Limit their consumption of magazines that feature "ideal" looking people, most of the time the pictures are grossly airbrushed.

4. Incorporate spo…

Treats for Tea Time

Last month everyone was speaking in an British accent as they waited for the newest royal.

There is one tradition in the UK that I like and that is "tea time."

Here are some "sweet treats" for your tea time.

1. Rich Brownie Cupcakes with crumbled bacon.
The mix that I used is Girhardelhi double chocolate follow the directions on the box, then put the mix into the cupcake liners. This is a very rich mix so I had to cut the sugar content, so I crisped up bacon and crumbled it on top. Everyone said it was amazing!

2. Apple Carmel Cake:
We are coming into the Fall Season so it would be fitting to make something that represent fall. I used a plain vanilla cake mix with apple filling that I mixed with a cinnamon, brandy and brown sugar, I poured the apple mixture over the top of the cake and bake the cake for 45 min.
When the cake cooled I drizzled caramel sauce over the cake and let it sit until served.

3. You can't be invited to tea without have something in the l…

Fall 2013 Fashion Trends

We've been listening and watching what would be the newest or oldest fall trends.

As predicted:
Metallic Hues: Will be big trend from pewter, silver, gold; however they once were considered to be for the evening are now for the day.

Denim: Is also making a comeback, but in an elegant way from crop jackets, to structured dresses, as well as the shirt dresses,  the designers are making the items to be worn from day to night pieces.

Boot Cut Jeans: So long skinny jeans, boot cuts are coming back in a big way, with more traditional dark rinses--easy to transition from day to night.

Animal Prints: I always did keep a something leopard in my closet, but again we are going to see a resurgence of them as well.

Hats are cool as well, Vintage ladies hats circa 1940's in fabrics from felt, to wool, to wool blend to cashmere.

Beauty Trends:
We are still going to see loads of nail art, nail art isn't going anywhere, but more subtle colors such as pinks, nudes, and grays for the workpla…

Happy Birthday Positivexpert!

Happy Birthday to Positivexpert!

Today is our one year anniversary and we are proud of this publication.

However, we are importantly grateful to YOU our audience, who reads this publication on
a daily basis.

We love you for your loyal support and your commitment to being and acting POSITIVE!!

Thanks again tons of LOVE and GRATITUDE to you our readers!!

Stay tuned for more positivity....

Please, Thank- You and I Apologize

It amazes me how much of a self - absorbed society we live in, when everyone wants to get ahead and stomp all over each other and we only want to be associated with people who can do or make us look better.

However, one of the major truth's that I know is when you treat everyone from the janitor to the CEO with the same high level of respect, magic begins to happen in your life.

One day I was working on a side project and I really had a great time speaking to the customer service professionals, I use to do customer service and it is the most overlooked and thankless job, but for two weeks, I had so much fun connecting and thanking people, who in normal course of a day, would never hear "thank you" or "please."

The more we take time to honor people who we will never see walk a run way or a red carpet, the more enriched our lives become. We would actually enter the race of humanity, where kindness and compassion live. Some people need a life altering event to ex…

The Best Times to Go Shopping

You go into a supermarket or department stores and you walk out because it is so crowded.

What do you?
The best times to go shopping are:
Target: 20 minutes after opening at 8:30am, especially for returns the staff is the most alert.
Kohl's: Same for thing 20 minutes after opening at 8:30 am
Department Stores such as
The same always 20 min. after initial opening except on major holidays. Why?
1. All of the staff have been prepped about store policies, new items have been put out, and people function at their peak in the morning. ( All surgeries except for emergency room are done between the hours of 8:30 - 12pm)

The best time to go to supermarkets is not Sat. morning but at 12pm. Reason many stores re-stock all the merchandise from the morning rush at 11:30 - 11:45am, so at 12pm is when you get the same sale prices all new and restocked.

Woodbury Commons is one of the greatest outlets, I have been to and the majority of the sales…

Coffee Table Books

If you are the type of person who doesn't like fresh flowers or a figurine or family photos displayed on your coffee table, here are my picks:

1. Soiree by Dainelle Rollins
This book is wonderful and the beauty of it is amazing, it is certainly one to put out on the coffee table.

2. Fashion
This is a 11 lb. book on the everything fashion, the photos and pictures inside this book are beautiful, and it is simple in big bold Black lettering.

3. Flowers
Again this book represents everything beautiful in nature which are flowers. The book is breath taking and makes for a good centerpiece.

4. Hardcover Book from your favorite artist from a Museum.
I love great homes and great designs within the homes, so the book that I feature is a Frank Lloyd Wright book.

Cheers to great coffee table books !

Strategic Volunteering

I was listening to a call about the important of doing sales for your business or being a salesperson to even find a job.

The facilitator mentioned she goes to conferences that is her bullet- proof way to meet strategic people, while they are there for a specific goal.

Conferences are a great way to meet people in your field, however if not her who already has a multi- million dollar business, what do you do?

Easy, volunteer for that specific conference in your city. This fall from mid- Sept. to beginning of Nov. is conference season, so when you have identified your needs--jobs, business leads, even a producer for your film, then place a call to see if they need volunteers.

Based on the organization, you would have to fill out an application and attend an orientation. Also, you will need to really adhere to the policies, you will meet the right people even it is one person, but if you do a good job, then the conference organizers wouldn't mind introducing you to the right people.

Real World Savings

It is fall time and we are going back to school and work, but we don't want to rack up any debt.

How do you do that when everything new seems so tempting. I discovered a couple of websites and apps that would help you with your budget, no matter your income level.

1. ShopKick app- You do have to download the app to make use of the discounts. This app is wonderful because it rewards you for going into a brick and mortar store, some stores include Target- great for the Phillip Lim collection, Create and Barrel, etc. Check them out, my nephew and niece did and scored really big.

2. Retail Me Knot-
This is a website with over a dozen codes for you to do your online shopping with, everything from Kohl's, Target, Macy's, etc.

This website is dedicated for tracking electronic purchases and low you should pay for something.

4. Shopping Outlets:
Many shopping outlets have major deals on Labor Day and  major Holidays, you should check them out, on top of the already di…

M.M. La Fleur- Company Spotlight

A few weeks ago Bauble Bar Pop- Up Shop in NYC had a wonderful event, where a new, yet great company was featured.

The company is M.M. La Fleur- the  company's clothing are luxury meets practicality. The clothing line will take you from your corporate job to a cocktail party, which is what most working girls need.

Also, if you sign up on there website, they will send you a wonderfully curated look book, so you can pick and choose your pieces, which is common for most luxury designers.

Something really worth considering with M. M. La Fleur- they have a contest where you can nominate the intern within your company, female of course and at the end of the contest, they will choose the best intern story and send her a custom dress.

They have a customer for life with me, because I remember my "interning" days and at the end of the internship, you had to pray for a recommendation, so congrats to M.M. La Fleur for going the extra mile and recognizing the hard work of interns.


High/ Low Beauty Finds

We are doing another battle.

This time it is in the beauty arena. The latest from the world of beauty is masks that have brightening

It is the summer and we all could use a product that gives us a oil free healthy glow.

So we tried a mask from Target- 3 sheets for 9.99

We tried a mask that was 90.00 for 6 sheets

We followed the directions diligently and rinsed off when complete.

Results: The 9.99 mask we saw no improvments in our skin at all, but it was good to relax for 20 min.

The 90.00 mask we DID see remarkable improvements in our skin, and it the mask is well worth the splurge.

Unveiling: Mask was SK-II, we at positivexpert highly recommend this product.

Cheers to great skin and a little luxury!!!

What is Intimacy?

As we were reviewing our articles over the year, we noticed the lowest view was our article on intimacy.

Then we did a search on the word intimacy and what we discovered is that intimacy is now defined as something that is purely sexual or that of a sexual nature.

We took it one step further by comparing the definition of intimacy in the 80's to now, what a difference!

So what is intimacy?

Our balanced point of view is intimacy is the sharing of thoughts and space between two people in a committed relationship.

When you are intimate with someone you are actually allowing them to enter your world and you can only do that through communication. And texting, IM'ing and e-mailing, even calling is not real communication.

Real communication is the ability to look a person in the eye and express yourself, it is the ability to be in the same room and do different things but still feel and appreciate the person's presence. In our hurried world it is a shame that we have teach adults how …

Last Quarter Assessment

We are moving into the last quarter of the year. Have you achieved any of the goals that you set out in the beginning of the year?

Here is a check list to ensure that you remain on track for the rest of the year:

1. Finances:
Do I keep a daily journal of all of expenses?
Have a sought a higher paying job or done freelance work to generate more income?
Did I look into programs that offer loan forgiveness if I were to switch careers?
Have I really started to save, some people only live off of 60 percent of their income the rest they put into savings.
Have I cut back on the deals clubs and flash site sales?

2. Career:
Am I in a career that uses all of my skills and talents?
Do I feel that I need a certification in my area to improve my skill set or future employment opportunities?
Have I set realistic goals for myself in terms of skill set and what I think I want in life. Just because everyone is starting a business, or going into Web 2.0 doesn't mean that you should as well.

3. Rela…

Diffusers are Just as Effective

We just did an article about candle safety; however it is still very hot outside, and do we want to create additional heat by using candles for aromatherapy?

I did a bit of research and I found out that diffusers are the safest product in terms of aromatherapy, certain candles only have a 50 hour burn time for the entire duration of the candle.

I purchased two diffusers of my favorite scents Moss and Mint, and Wasabi Pear from Nest Fragrances this did have a steep price tag of 35.00 each, however it is well worth it because it lasts 90 days and the bottle is wonderfully crafted.

Also, when I walk into a room instantly I am greeted with a great scent, however it is not overpowering and you don't have to worry about candle safety.

So, for anytime my choice for aromatherapy are diffusers, the higher quality diffuser the better.

Cheers to aromatherapy and safety!!

Back to School Prep for Your Kids

Yes, I know it is the first week in August, and I hope you are having an "Easy Breezy Summer;"

However the reality we need to start slowly introducing a back to school routine to our kids before the week before school starts and the first day of school your child is falling asleep in class.

Here are ways you can slowly get your child into a Back to School routine:

1. Start bed time routine an hour earlier every night. So if they are use to going to bed at 10pm, start now getting them ready at 9pm, if bed time is 9pm once again start bedtime at 8pm, even if they stare at the ceiling when the go to bed, at least they are in bed at a normal time.

2. Limit friends and families coming over to once a week. Children get extremely stimulated, so let them see their cousins as a special event, rather than an every day event. I know some of us are expected to entertain for business reasons; however you can throw one big party at the end of summer for business associates.

3. Start going over…

August Beauty Finds: Kai Body Polish

We have been going through summer and we found a splurge item which is Kai Body Scrub.

Kai Body Products has been the craze by A- listers for a long time. We were a bit skeptical but it tried it and...

Compared to Fresh Body Scrub, and Carol's Daughter, Kai Body Scrub is a great body product.

It is great because it is a blend of fine sugar and salt and it has a light fragrance. I used it to exfoliate first, then I use a body wash then exfoliate again.

The consistency is of a paste, so I can exfoliate twice without it being overbearing in terms of being too harsh and some scrubs have way too much oil; however Kai got it right on the formula of fragrance, consistency and blend of sugar and salt it brilliant.

You can use your favorite perfume after you finished showering or bathing.

So our August Beauty Find: Kai Body Polish!

Cheers to great skin with Kai!!

Time to schedule Your Semi- Annual Check Up!

Most doctor's will tell you all you need is an annual check up and you'll be fine!

However, Spring/Summer is when all the hormones get out of control, in every age range, not just teenagers anymore, it is also the time come fall when people head back home from the Hamptons, or Vermont, or back to LA from Napa, where the 4 H's are prevalent-- Heartbreak, Herpes, HIV, and HPV.

Before heading back out to work:
1. Make an appointment with your OB-GYN and get tested for everything! Including HIV, Herpes, HPV, Hepatitis B and C, everything! If you are over 40 get another breast exam, especially if you are high risk.

2.Make an appointment with your general practitioner- Summer BBQ's do have a way of putting on the pounds, etc. also check for liver, thyroid, cholesterol, A1C- Marker for Diabetes, etc.

3. Make an appointment with a good therapist- If you did have one of summer flings that everyone warned you about and now you are devastated. Talk to a licensed counselor who …

Relaxation 101: Tips to De- STRESS

As Summer winds down, we can feel the tension inch up a little, as we prepare for our jobs, prepare our kids for school.

So here are the ways, which I found to be effective in terms of DE- Stressing:

1. Take Deep Breathes-
Sounds simple right, but my personal trainer had me do this while working on the epliticial  and he also had me wear a heart rate monitor, as I took deep breaths, my heart rate dramatically decreased to a normal level. Then, he told me to talk about something that was annoying me, when I did heart rate went back up!
There is a reason that Lamaze technique of childbirth is based on deep breathing!

2. Aromatherapy-
By now you know I love candles. Candles or scents with a citrus base are known to reduce tension.
After a busy day I light my candles!

3. Anticipate as Much as You Can-
If you know you have a big project to work on when you get back to work, strategize on ways to delegate, plan ahead any unforeseen obstacles, read and re-read contracts, and set up in advance meetin…