The WORSE Times to Go Clothes Shopping

We talked a lot about going Fall Wardrobe shopping.

But there are some times LADIES where we should NOT step foot in a Clothing Store.

1. During PMS:
It is a known fact that all women have some form of bloating during this time, so when go clothes shopping, you are shopping at least one size up from your normal size. And it will depress YOU!

2. When You are ANGRY!!
You just had a fight with your significant other or with an ungrateful child or sibling. What do you do? Retail Therapy because it FEELS GOOD! You want to reward yourself because none else will, during these times you will rack up a ton of debt! Don't do it..

3. Shopping with a Friend
Most people mean well, but friends have the power of persuasion, how many times, have you heard while shopping with a friend. "You deserve it!"  "You only live once!" If he won't show you appreciate then you have to appreciate yourself." WRONG-- When you shop by yourself you are more likely to NOT to spend money. So if a friend asks you what you are doing and you are headed out the door say, you are going for your annual, none wants to go with you there!

4. Shopping while you are hungry!
You should always eat a meal before you shop and carry a energy bar and water with you. Blood sugar fluctuates all the time and if you are hungry you can make irrational purchasing decisions.

Cheers to sane shopping!!!


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