Fall Beauty Savings 101

This article will seem paradoxical at first but trust me in the end you will save big!!

So I calculated how much it would cost to go to a reputable spa and have a weekly mani/pedi and facial done:

The Results
Average Mani/Pedi costs around: 50.00 per week including tip.
Facials start at 100.00 and up every two weeks.
If you are going out on the town and want to run into a Sephora and M-A-C counter to do your make-up the cost is $75.00 not including products. Say that is twice a week.

So we are looking at over 1500.00 a month for a beauty regimen at a place that you won't catch a fungal disease.

Our Finds:
Daily Beauty Cleanser:
Olay Deep Pore Regenerist w/ Exfoliating Brush- 8.75 per tube brush one time deal of 29.99
Weekly Facial- SK-II Facial Masks from a Major Department store- 125.00 for 10 sheets, so ten weeks worth of facials.
Because I bought it at a Reputable Department Store- Bloomingdale's- They gave me a SK-II bonus product.
Daily Serum from Khiel's SPF and Vitamin C booster- $58.00
Again, they gave me a bonus product for the purchase.
So, my weekly facials that would have cost me 500.00 per month now is down to 200.00 a savings of 300.00

Body Washes:
Bought 3 18.oz of Korres which is all natural shower gel for 24.95, will last for 2 months.

My feet are in horrid condition, the spa I went to told me after wearing flip flops and running bare foot in the summer, my feet need deep treatment for 85.00 a week. That is 215.00 for the month for pedicures.

Birchbox to the rescue!
1. Exfoliating Gel--18.00
2. Deep treatment lotion-- 14.95
3. Foot Salve(Put in a special pedicure bowl and nuke for 10 sec.) 8.99
4. Socks- after the treatment regular tube socks- 6 pack for 10.99 at Target.

Home made pedicures now cost 50.00 for the entire 3 months instead of 215.00 for the month.

When you use a lot of nail polish your nails turn colors:
Easy solution: Vinegar and Lemon Juice in a bowl for two days, then paint them with base coat, nail color, and top coat.
Take some body scrub that you use on a daily basis a little on your hands works wonders.
Easy solution for about 10.00
Manicures are now 15.00 from 30.00 per week. Savings of 15.00 per week!

Eyes: Go dark, with dark eyeliner brown or black- 5.00 for Cover Girl with a coupon or deal card from CVS.
Eye shadow: Midnight blue for your glammed up denim- 5.00 for a separate eye shadow. For the evenings black with sliver glitter again separate 5.00 from Sephora.
Eyes: Lo real Voluminous Jet Black- you won't need eyelash extensions, with this product. That was 7.00
Lips: Evenings are about the deep plum or muted red lip gloss 29.95 from Givenchy, but this lasts all night even after dinner!
So, for make up for the evening do it your self or watch Michelle Phan on YouTube, you have 75.00 worth of make- up for the entire month of you looking glammed up. Rather than spend 75.00 plus makeup for one night.

Cheers to a Beautiful You and Saving over 600.00 in Beauty !!

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