Baby Gift Giving Guide

Whoever said that the U.S. Population was on a decline was WRONG!!

This summer we counted on one day 10 pregnant women in Manhattan.

So what do you get a new born?

1. A piece of silver-
It is customary to give silver when a child is born, it dates back to European times, when the next in line to the throne was given silver.
Two places where you can find great silver for a new born:
1. Reed and Baron- Great silver spoons, silver cups, silver rattles
2.Tiffany& Co.- Another great store for silver spoons, they even have a brush and comb set for a girl.

2. Diamonds-
In some Latin American traditions it is customary to give diamond studs to a newborn girl, especially if she is the first grandchild.

3. Practical Things:
1. Soft books
2. Blankets- for newborns it is swaddling blankets, then everything cotton blankets. Only on formal occasions should you bring out the cashmere blankets.
3. Allergen Free Laundry Detergent
4. Bottles- Even if you are breast feeding, there are times when you need to go out and baby needs to eat so you need to freeze the goods.
5. Cribs with all the safety measures- Check Consumer Magazine for safety ratings.
6. The best car seat available- check with Consumer Magazine for the safety ratings.
7. A Breast Pump
8. Baby Monitor
9. Along with a baby nurse a regular nurse for the new Mom, to help her with grooming, especially showering.
10. Food service-- Either have a family member prepare one week's of food when the woman is in labor, she when the new mom is released preparing meals is the last thing on her mind, then for one week, have a certified private chef deliver meals to her home for two months, this is a life saver!

Cheers to welcoming babies all over the globe!

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