Major Designers for A LOT less

So you had your eye on this rad Michael Kors dress, hoping it would go on sale, which it will never do, unless you took advantage of a one time offering from a major department store.

Michael Kors--Blue Print Dress in this season's color cobalt blue originally over $100.00 came up to $44.00

We really missed out on the 3.1. Phillip Lam for Target but I scored big at Kohl's with the Catherine Maladrino collection.

Catherine Maladrino had this awesome fabricated faux leather dress, I was able to get it! She has a similar dress at Barney's for over 600.00.  I was so happy about that and a week later I was able to get the blue pleated dress already marked down 20 percent to another 20 percent with a promo code at

We saw a moto jacket at Target for 19.99 but with our Target card it came up to 15.00, awesome no one knows the difference at all.

We noticed that pajamas are very expensive however, on clearance at we able to get two pairs of two pajamas--one for the summer and one for the fall and summer, awesome finds !!

Of course we used our discounts and stuck to our fall budget.

Cheers to getting designers for a lot less!!

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