Battle of the Boxes

 There's a subscription box for everything, so we did some investigation.

Nature Box,
This box is for the healthy conscious or someone seeking to try a new lifestyle product.
For 19.99 a month you get 5 full size snacks to feed a family of four.
When I ordered I got Pistachio Power Clusters--My mom who is 74 ate all of them.
Cherry Berry Bonaza was excellent dried fruits, especially on top of plain Greek yogurt in the AM, wonderful.
Masa Chips were great with hummus.
Vanilla Macaroon Granola was excellent as a cereal.
Lastly, the Roasted Kettle Kernels, well again Mom ate these....
So for the price each month and the quality of the products and they are healthy and tasty that my elderly mother who doesn't like "health food" will eat it, this box gets a high 9

Glossy Box:
This box is suppose to have high end exclusive beauty products for 21.99 a month. Sorry, it didn't make the grade I was expecting some face oil for the winter months or maybe some deep conditioner to prevent dry brittle hair from the winter elements, but it fell short.
So they get a grade of 5

Bespoke Post:
The ultimate man's box! The subscription rate for this is 48.99 but it is worth it, I was able to get in on the Crisp box where they had high quality practical items such as a scarf, lotion and lip balm, microfilm for our electronic gadgets, and a thin wallet, so your dude doesn't look as though he has a third butt cheek. They also have Agave box, which is a bartending box with Agave Tequila, Winston Churchill box with cigars and literature. Kudos to the brains behind this company, because the Crisp box that I bought was appropriate for my college age nephew and I still seeing buying my brother-in law the Agave box and a business associate the Winston Churchill box.
Grade of a 9.8

So who wins the battle of the boxes?
Bespoke Post, although Nature Box got my Mom eating healthy which is always a good thing, the value of the Bespoke Post was great and you can always opt out of box, which is a great thing!

Cheers to Bespoke Post in winning the battle of the boxes!

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