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Hey Brazil

How is the best Carnival in the World?

Are you guys playing music on the beach after a night of celebration?

I am celebrating in the NYC cold with a Carpihena , cod fritters, and a heater.

Hopefully, I can join you next year!

Spring Has Sprung!!

Hello Positive Peeps,

I know I have been a bit absent with my daily posts. However, my computer was in the shop and without a back- up computer, it becomes a bit hard to write, and besides the public library only allows you one hour on the computer.

What do we have store?

Fun, fun, fun, and fun!!

But first we must do some Spring Cleaning.

So, this winter was all about getting rid of the negativity in terms of people and of course diet.

However, I during my computer hiatus, I read so much about toxins and toxins that are found in our everyday life.

After a couple of articles, you would want to take inventory of your medicine cabinet and beauty bag.

Then we move into bridal season and of course summer parties.

Oh, don't forget our fashion segment on Affordable Glam.

Get on our train to getting rid of toxins so we can enjoy our summer fashions and parties!

Our love goes out to new readers in Brazil and Mexico, and our loyal following in the U.S. and in Germany.


Beauty Picks for February

We are loving these latest beauty finds for date night or Girl's Night Out:

We only have two finds, because we are still detoxing, did you know it takes your body at least 1 month and half to get rid of all toxins? So I am still on the 21 Day to a New You Program, as always repeat the STEPS!!

OK, these are my finds...

I love Stila Lip Glosses in all different colors, so if you have an interview you can wear a lighter hue, and date night is a deep plum or vibrant red.
This LORAC liquid eyeliner is amazing it has staying POWER, but it is for Girls Night Out because all colors have a shimmer to it, not appropriate for work at all.

Cheers to brighten up your days and night with these beauty finds!

Building Confidence...

Many of us especially in NYC eat and spit each other out, if you don't meet someone's idea of  who you should be and if you fit their group.

Friends of mine have told me that although being qualified for jobs, the reason why they have turned down is "you aren't a fit for the organization."

This can way down on the best of us, so how do exude confidence when the outside world tells us differently?

1.  Share something that you have perfected-- Ever check out the Diet Dr. Pepper commercial with Michelle Phan. She loved make up and is skilled at making anyone look good so she had a You Tube channel, now...look at her... She used technology to her benefit.

2. Join groups and associations that you have a common bond.
Alumni groups are excellent! Most people are intimated by people who they perceive come from an elite university especially women graduates, so if you need a confidence boost, join an alumni group.

3. Meet-ups are great way to start something that no one h…

Valentine's Day Picks

Here's to planning the perfect Valentine- Day Evening or Day,

Two dozes roses with champagne- Champagne and Casis- Raspberry liquor

Flowers and the Champagne Glasses The French know how to do scents very well and this is perfect mood setting.

Instead of buying stale chocolates, make something delicious from Mast Chocolate Cookbook. Enjoy of love with the one that you truly LOVE!!

21 Days of Giving/ Positivity

Time to continue in the spirit of love through giving. The book GIVE and TAKE by Adam M. Grant encapsulates my life story and those affiliated with Positivexpert.

Here are 21 Ways to Give Without Expectation.

1. Winter Time: If you know of elderly people, calling is OK, but put together a care package of a flashlight, non-perishables items- salt free crackers, can tuna, powdered drink mix and water.

2.Library Time: Donate books in unused condition to libraries in underserved communities.

Job Search Skills: The Proper Use of Twitter

Everyday in the news, we here of some person who made a racist, sexist, homophobic remark on Twitter, or the increase of Cyberbullying.

However, we at Positivexpert know that technology there is a positive side to using twitter.

We have found that more companies are using twitter to engage with future employees, through specific job postings that are not found on the regular job boards. Also, recruiters will host twitter chats or twitter parties, that future job applicants can ask specific questions to companies on anything from the application process to company culture to specific job unit questions.

My experience with twitter as been all positive, some companies that we have featured products for no fee, have read our articles and commented. Some well known people have when we read something that they have done positively for an issue and we congratulate them have reached out as well.

Also twitter has helped us in great ways become descriptive and succinct.

When looking for a job and yo…

The Key to Looking Chic: Hoop Earrings

Whenever, I go out I always make sure that I am presentable.

But, my favorite outfits are dark color jeans, solid color sweater and big hoop earrings.

It sounds weird, but I was watching the old movies of the 70's and everyone gorgeous woman had natural makeup with big hoop earrings.

Hoop earrings make the outfit! If I have an errand to run, then I am going to put on the above with my hoops.

Here are my faves!

Double Hoop with Sparkle
Elegant, Silver, and Big
 Date Night Rhinestone Hoops

Love my yellow sparkle hoops, this picks me up any time!

Cheers to HOOPing It UP!

Define Intimacy?

In this day and age when everyone has a sex tape or a strategic wardrobe malfunction, intimacy is so hard to define.

The month of love, those of us who are in a relationship and those who want a relationship, here's our definition of intimacy.

1. Does the person listen to you?
What I learned in graduate school is that the human mind CAN NOT do several things at once well.  So if your significant other is watching the game and flipping between the latest issue of GQ and you are talking. He isn't listening to you.

2. Does the person balance taking you out to wanting to spend time alone?
I dated this one dude we went all over, with his friends and everything seemed OK, however when I suggested that we take it down a notch and spend some quality time alone. He "sure we can do that after next month, when I get my membership to a prestigious country club." We weren't even "legal" and he was treating me as trophy wife.

3. Does the person value work over you?

Book Report: How to Be Chic and Elegant: Tips from a French Women

A Sincere Thanks to my blogging partner My Style Daily, who gave me this book to read for February's Book Report.

We've all been to Amazon and have seen the numerous amounts of books written by French Women and Tips on Romance, Not Getting Fat, and Why they don't Need FaceLifts.

This book is the real deal How to be Chic and Elegant: Tips from a French Woman by Marie Anne Lecoeur, every woman in the United States, should read.

The author explains that French women dress in 5 basic colors which are red/wine, navy, black, gray and crème.

French women are classy, yet distinguishable because of the their understated feminity that gives an air of mystery. The author herself notes that after a French women dresses, she examines herself and always removes one accessory this is a practice that the late Coco Channel made famous.

In terms of fashion French women do not wear too many colors all at once, if they dress for the evening then it is in a simple well constructed evening gown wit…

My Love Affair with Papaya

Sorry Food Network, but my weight and doctor said we must end our love affair.

So, the beginning of the year I am reading again, tons of books on fruits and veggies, etc. and I come across even beauty mags, the super food papaya.

Why is this a super food?

Super food because it neutralizes acids in the stomach instantly, and the enzymes in the fruit has anti-aging properties.

So, I tried it out for a month, buying two papayas at a local market, and my need for refined sugar has dramatically been reduced.

Also, refined sugar as you know is the main cause of diabetes, if you live in a stressful environment it alters your mind and causes violent mood swings.

So after a meal, I have my slice of papaya which to me is heaven on earth.

Cheers to wonders of Papaya!

Money Matters: When and What Should You Buy Online?

E- Commerce is the BIG thing everyone is buying online including groceries?

Yes, I was guilty of that as well, there was one point where the Mail Person and UPS started to deliver me other people packages because they thought it was mine.

That's when I had to STOP!!

As I was packing up my Halloween Beverage Dispenser that I bought on clearance for $10.00 don't ask....

I thought to myself, why am I hiding out, and what could I get online that is not in a physical store?

So, this year that is my approach, just when I want to "buy" something, I leave it in the shopping basket or if the item does not say online only, and it is truly a bargain such as 5 bottles of 10 oz. nail polish remover for 8.00, then I getting up and buy it myself; however when I get to the store if it is not an essential item, I forget why I am there and leave.

Also, party supplies are great to buy online and in bulk, my recommendations for catering supplies are and for party bags for all kinds…

To Our Brazil Readers!!

We wish we were on the beaches with you partying for Carnivale!

But we made fejoda--The National Dish!

Safe fiesta!

Pantone Color of the Year Orchid

Everyone is sporting some type of purple or fuchsia, or magenta, it's the Pantone Color of the Year ?

I am not going to look like that Mc Donald's character Grimace--he was this big purple dude, that when my sister broke my glass, I hid under the bed, which started a neighborhood search, when they found me, I said I was mourning my Grimace glass--needless to say I punished for mourning some purple character.

WTF? Does this have to do with Pantone color of the Year?
It's my sincerest desire not to see women, especially grown women resurrecting that Mc Donald character.

You can celebrate the color in several ways, scarves headbands, gym outfits, and a statement handbag.

Here's our finds:

This is a wonderful Sheriff Satchel that is 100 percent leather with calf hair as the Zebra print trim. The bags holds tons of stuff, so whether you are coming from work, to date night, to the weekend, great bag in the Pantone color from HSN on Clearance for 69.00. Scarf and headband set no not…

This Month is All About Love...

We did our 21 Days to a New Program and I hope everyone is still working on the steps. Again continue to work the program in the areas that you are the most weak and seek professional counseling, if needed.

February is all about LOVE!! Manhattan is busy with Fashion Week, too many models and designers to count, the stores all have red out and the some chocolatiers even open their doors so you can get a whiff of their amazing goods.

This is all good but do you really LOVE yourself. We'll get into romantic love later this month, how many of us will go into debt again trying to get someone's attention's who is emotionally bankrupt--family member or just doesn't care--significant other.

The month of LOVE is all about loving yourself and treating yourself with respect in all areas, finance, career, health, etc, so we can be available for the very best that life has to offer.

Cheers to the Month of LOVE!