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Getting Bikini Ready

It's the last week of March and most of us have made our plans for the summer, but we are now faced with a Winter Body, which means most of us are out of shape.

Here are some tips to get bikini ready:
1. Shave those legs in the shower everyday and seal it moisture with olive oil before you towel dry.

2. DRINK WATER!! Drink 8 glasses every day and with a glass of hot water lemon with every meal.

3. Dilute all sugary drinks-- 1/8  cup of juice, then the rest is water.

4. Go for a bra fitting--Buy a Proper Bra and New shape wear.

5. Get a weekly pedicure and have a warm cream pedicure to lock in moisture.

6. Take a yoga and spin classes.

7. Ask the hairdresser the best color for your hair for highlights and a lighter hair color for the summer.

Cheers to the 7 ways to getting bikini ready for the summer!!

Friday Fun: Revenge of the Nerds

Last weekend while, doing laundry I happened to watch Revenge of the Nerds, an old I think 80's movie, where the classic frat boys against the geeks and at end the Nerds become the biggest studs out.

You might think okay, but that's not real life? Think again, I was taking a cab and the driver we'll call Mr. Lover was describing his antics with several of the women whom he sees at a time, the driver picked up a young man who was actually very good looking and again Mr. Lover began how to figure out his dates for the weekend.

Mr. Lover told us that one woman had a face like a supermodel, but her body wasn't in shape and the other woman had a great shape and good job but her face wasn't too good, but he was still going out with them.

The young guy looked at me and we both started to laugh. Why? Mr. Lover was serious and guess what he is a 5'2" 60 year old man, that I was praying he was sitting on a phone book, so he could see over the steering wheel.


Book Report: Start Something that Matters

Three years ago, my feet were killing me and I happened to be in a Whole Foods and I saw some cut but comfy shoes so I bought them with my lunch and left.

However, I saved the tag and the company was all about the concept One for One, you buy one pair of these shoes and we will donate a pair to homeless children in Argentina. I felt good about my purchase and that I was supporting a good company.

A couple of years ago I pick up the book Start Something that Matters by Blake Mycoskie  who is the founder of TOMS the shoe company that bought the shoes from two years earlier.

Why I picked this book is he is a serial entrepreneur, whose candor was refreshing  about starting businesses failing at them, going on TV as an Amazing Race Contestant, then selling a business, but it was during a trip to Argentina that convinced him, without any retail or shoe experience to enter this world.

His key tenents:

1. Start a business that provides meaningful product or services to people.

2. Create an at…

Book Report: Dear Preston

As an event planner I can remember being in awe when I saw Melissa Rivers Winter Wonderland Wedding. It was amazing the colors the theme was great, then when Oprah first launched O Magazine and showed the pictures of her launch party, another breath taking event.

I had to find out who was the person who was behind such greatness, it was Preston Bailey. Preston Bailey still is the most sought after event planner in the world.

He wrote a book Dear Preston, A Friendly Guide to Creating and Having Your Own Creative Services Business,  I immediately bought the book and found the contents of the book to be very eye opening.

Preston Bailey talked about event planners know about this, you get a client who wants to meet with you then picks your brain for 30 min., then when you follow up with them, they "decided to go a different direction" only to find out that they themselves are implanting your ideas. Which he called and I agree is theft. But he said he use to get so angry when peo…

Book Report: By Invitation Only

Day Two in Our Book Report Series:

By Invitation Only

If anyone is thinking about going to e-commerce, this book is based on the founders of the shopping site Gilt. I know I am a loyal customer and I think the products that they offer are high quality.

However, if you are wondering well anyone can do that, e- commerce is so simple, read this book and learn how being an early adapter into the a field, you can reap huge benefits not to mention profits.

The major takeaway is to always do business with people whom you trust, when hiring people make certain you have the right people in the right position.

Although GILT is a major success, there are huge hurdles that the team had to cover come such as VC's laughing at them when they were doing their presentations or pitch. Or a CEO who had to package and box the merchandise herself, not all glam.

They did revolutionize the retail industry because even major department stores have adopted the flash sale concept into there business practi…

Book Report: What to Do In Hard Times

We were in Barnes and Noble and of course I love going to the reduced section and I picked up a book, What to Do In Hard Times, it is a collection of various authors.

This book was written in the Great Depression, when the U.S. Government had to ration out bread, but I found the contents of this book to be so excellent and relevant in today's time, 87 years later.

Most of the greatest inventions came from that era, in extreme scarcity people are forced to think of creative ways to do things.

Did this book say we must go out and create businesses and then back stab each other or sort people shares of the company.

Nope, not at all, in fact the book said there are four impediments to reaching success:

1. Greed
2. Jealousy
3. Anger
4. Dishonesty

One story they had was a woman who found out that the stock market had collapsed she went and bought 2 months worth of bread and stored it in here freezer, she knew times were going to be hard. However, whenever her neighbors came and a…

Book Reports....

We were on hiatus or my computer had to go back into the shop.

This week as we embrace Spring and NEW Season, we want to give you the best of the best of NEW books that we have read.

Some books are old classics, some are new books on how to get that get hair color none the less we want everyone to look great and have a great mentality going into this new season.

So enjoy our first book report....

Beauty Spot: March's Picks

Spring is still trying to get sprung. So we are getting ready with the latest of our beauty picks.

1. Nail Polish:
Julep is so awesome with its pastel greens, blues, and pinks.
Sparitual is great with its metallic blends and I love there tangerine hues.
Zoya-Everyone has to have Zoya's Pixie Dust nail polish to give your nails that extra glam.

2. Eye shadow and Blush
We are trying mineral blend eye shadows and Bare Minerals is really awesome. I know the infomericals, but trust us it is so easy and looks great and last for those spring and summer weddings.
They have a Spring Line Easy Blooming in sample sizes but its everything you need for to look your best for the Spring at Sephora for 39.00.

3. Body Wash:
You just worked out a sweat at the gym, now what?
Burt's Bees -Peppermint and Rosemary Body Wash, if I were a hoarder I would so hoard this for real
Whole Foods Body Wash- You are getting ready for date night and want to relax then use the Whole Foods Brand Body Wash in Lavender or Ma…

Apple Brown Betty

It's Foodie Friday!

So, we are in the kitchen cooking!

This is so delicious but, you can only have a small piece of at a time.

Apple Topping:
In a stock pot:
1. 1 cup of water
2. 2 Cinnamon Sticks
3. 3 Cloves
4. 3 Tablespoons of Vanilla
5. 2 cups of sugar
6. 1 bag of cut and peeled apples
7. 1/2 jar of crystalized ginger
8. 1/2 cup of raisins

Allow everything in this pot to simmer into a thick consistency and cook it down.

As for the base you can use a plain vanilla cake mix and when the apple topping cools, bake with the cake.

For the last five minutes of baking, make the crumble:
1. 1/2 cup of oatmeal
2. 1 stick of butter
3. 1 teaspoon of cinnamon

Mix into a paste and put on top the apple cake in the last five minutes.

Take out in five minutes and your house will smell amazing!

Our Box Pick Is: Little Black Bag

I said: I am never going to spend another dime on a subscription box!

Until I saw the YouTube video on Little Black Bag.

Little Black Bag is a subscription box service that has the latest handbags and accessories for over 65% off, NO you are not going to get a Hermes bag, but there are cute bags for half the cost.

So, the catch is after you have selected your accessory, mine was a statement necklace, then you get two add-ons, my add-ons were pony tail holders and sunscreen, always can use that, but then you get to trade.

If you didn't like your add-ons, then you could trade with other buyers for different items, one person want my pony tail holders for earrings, another wanted my necklace for earrings and a bracelet. This goes on until you press "SHIP MY ITEMS."

My box came on time and with all the items and to get a wonderful statement necklace that retails for $50.00, sunscreen, and great color hair ties for $25.00 is amazing!

So if you want to have a little fun and sc…

How to Entertain on a Budget!

You are the lucky one to score your own fab job and apartment, or you and boyfriend are getting married or you just like people over!

You realized that you can't afford fresh flowers and new place settings every time you want to entertain. Here are some tips that I found amazingly great.

1. Classic Colors: Black, White, Emerald Green, Rust and Yellow Tablecloths-  Great for New Year's, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Spring Bridal Events and Baby Showers, Etc.
2. Metallic Runner- again New Year's, Summer Soiree with white tablecloths, Dinner with Clients
3. Green Linen Runner-Any Spring events-Bridal and Baby Shower's, Spring Regilious Holidays
4. Red and Orange Tone Runner- Thanksgiving, Cinco de Mayo, and Fall Brunch
5. Napkins-Cloth--Easy to clean and classy, white, black, green, red and orange for the above same reasons.
Now you are thinking is so much money! Nope buy at clearance when the season is over and stores are looking to move merchandise! Think sto…

Planning Your Spring Lunch

Spring isn't officially here until March 21, 2014.

But we need to look forward to something and I know many of you and your girlfriends are looking forward to an invite that is NOTabout a charity or school fundraiser, but it is about just FUN!

Tips to Hosting Your Spring Tea:

Deviled Eggs- Use Greek Yogurt instead of Mayo and a pinch of curry.
Green Pea Soup-
1. 3 bags of Organic Frozen Green Peas- blanch with garlic and 1/2 teaspoon of onion powder.
2. Blend all of the ingredients together
3. Serve Warm

Main Menu:
1. Lemon and Rosemary Olive Oil Roasted Organic Chicken or Turkey Breast
2. Garden Salad w/a vinaigrette
3. Whipped Mashed Potato's

Chamomile and Lavender Iced Tea sweeten with Light Agave--Amazingly Great!

Berry Trifle- This is so good, yet decadent so serve them in small glasses or a big glass with two spoons.
Make Vanilla Pudding- Box mix is great.
Take assorted berries and put them in a bowl with a citrus juice of fresh lime…

Ladies GET Ready with SPA WEEK

Hey Ladies,

Our Friends at Spa Week want everyone looking and feel great this spring and summer.

They are offering us a 15 % discount on all Spa Week Gift Cards from now until April 30, 2014.

Here's the link

Start booking those pedicure appointments from NOW!!

Thanks to our friends at SPA WEEK!

Cheers to a "glowing" you!

The Best Pizza Is..

Yeah It's Foodie Friday and on Sunday Ellen all treated the all the A- Listers to Pizza.

But on a serious side, the best pizza, I have ever eaten was this is ironic the Wolfgang Puck's Pizza. (Wolfgang Puck is the official cater to the Oscars)

His Veggie Pizza is awesome it is from a brick oven so the crust is crispy and the sauce is a delicious pesto with fresh veggies of tomato's, mushrooms of different kinds, artichokes, and I believe fontina cheese.

OK, so you can't hop a plane to LA, but right here in NYC the next best thing is...

Patsy's Pizza- Again from Brick Oven this is a more traditional style pizza with tomato sauce that you can see the basil leaves and oregano, with fresh made mozzarella cheese. Absolutely amazing!

So Ellen if you are ever in NYC have craft services order you a pizza from Patsy's!

Cheers to good pizza and Foodie Friday!

Can It Wait Til Tomorrow?

The frantic schedules of any New Yorker is dizzying?

I was in a Starbucks and overheard someone on the phone:

Are you dying?

Are you going to the hospital?

Then: "Can It Wait Till Tomorrow?"

Which had me thinking when I schedule my day from the night before and try to get everything on my to-do list off?

When, I feel as though my head is in Alaska and my body is in NYC, then I have to ask "Can It Wait Til Tomorrow?"

This was especially the case this winter when I had all of my plans to go to Fashion Week lined up and then 3 snow storms back to back, was it SO IMPORTANT that I go these Fashion Shows or get food for my family and make certain that had enough water for 3 days, just in case.

Or when you see a sale, that you must have storage bins! I know that was my crusade, yes I did need storage bins, I had to think? I am moving right this second? No, are you home goods secure in the place where you currently have them? YES.

So, yes the storage bins CAN WAIT TIL TOMO…

Spring/Summer: Wardrobe Update

Who bought all of the Peter Pilotteto for Target collection?

That collection sold out so fast!

But, I only bought one piece which was the red long sleeve shirt.

After looking at my wardrobe, I took a close inventory, there are only a few things that I really needed for this summer/spring.

In fact last spring/summer I was nursing a broken ligament, so I really didn't go out.

But, I did happen to get 4 cowl neck blouses, the red shirt from that Peter Pilotteto for Target collection and a wonderful Spring Umbrella.

All for under $100.00, Yes I used gift cards, points, and everything else.

I don't need anymore clothes! Yes, I have my Summer Soiree Party clothes as well.

So when you are looking to update your wardrobe providing that it is not circa 1998, you only need a few pieces to really keep current.

Cheers to a wonderful Spring/Summer Wardrobe!

Career Direction: Breaking Into a New Industry

When I was a licensed career planner, everyone use to ask me: I want to do something fun and creative with my life.

Funny, I was thinking the same thing at the time.

So you wake up one day and find out that you really love fashion, but you aren't a designer what do you do?
Career Alternatives for Fashionistas include:

Stylists- Everyone can buy clothes, but not everyone can buy clothes that fit and look good at the same time. I hear you is there a course in styling? I am certain there is but, you always gotten kudos for your outfits, then why don't you check out, you can sign up to be a stylist, you get commissions. The beauty of this is that it is all done online!! So you can be your girlfriend in Maryland's stylists.

Now someone is saying but I love jewelry what should I do?

Sell IT! The brand that everyone is raving about that is high quality is The do have a startup fee, but the brand has branched out to include bags and accessories, so…

Oscar Gold: What did You Wear to the Party?

We know what all the A- list celeb's wore to the Oscar's. But what did you wear to your Oscar Party?

I wore black skinny jeans, rose gold pumps, with a goldish Narcisco Rodriguez sweater.

My mani was gold with Julep's wonderful color GOLD.

My Menu Consisted Of:

1. Classic Shrimp Cocktail
2. Beef Wellington with Bacon
3. Waldorf Salad
4. Dessert- Berry Trifle
5. Champagne

My menu was completely retro circa 1955, one of my guest even wore a stole and a replica of the Marilyn Monroe dress from Some Like It Hot.

Cheers to celebrating the GOLD in your life.