Beauty Spot: March's Picks

Spring is still trying to get sprung. So we are getting ready with the latest of our beauty picks.

1. Nail Polish:
Julep is so awesome with its pastel greens, blues, and pinks.
Sparitual is great with its metallic blends and I love there tangerine hues.
Zoya-Everyone has to have Zoya's Pixie Dust nail polish to give your nails that extra glam.

2. Eye shadow and Blush
We are trying mineral blend eye shadows and Bare Minerals is really awesome. I know the infomericals, but trust us it is so easy and looks great and last for those spring and summer weddings.
They have a Spring Line Easy Blooming in sample sizes but its everything you need for to look your best for the Spring at Sephora for 39.00.

3. Body Wash:
You just worked out a sweat at the gym, now what?
Burt's Bees -Peppermint and Rosemary Body Wash, if I were a hoarder I would so hoard this for real
Whole Foods Body Wash- You are getting ready for date night and want to relax then use the Whole Foods Brand Body Wash in Lavender or Mango. Amazing!!!

4. Aromatherapy-
We love Illume Tahatian Soy Candle's amazing scent and it is great!

Cheers to getting ready for the Spring!!!

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