Friday Fun: Revenge of the Nerds

Last weekend while, doing laundry I happened to watch Revenge of the Nerds, an old I think 80's movie, where the classic frat boys against the geeks and at end the Nerds become the biggest studs out.

You might think okay, but that's not real life? Think again, I was taking a cab and the driver we'll call Mr. Lover was describing his antics with several of the women whom he sees at a time, the driver picked up a young man who was actually very good looking and again Mr. Lover began how to figure out his dates for the weekend.

Mr. Lover told us that one woman had a face like a supermodel, but her body wasn't in shape and the other woman had a great shape and good job but her face wasn't too good, but he was still going out with them.

The young guy looked at me and we both started to laugh. Why? Mr. Lover was serious and guess what he is a 5'2" 60 year old man, that I was praying he was sitting on a phone book, so he could see over the steering wheel.

Then, coming back from getting some lemons, I took another taxi with a guy with OK looks, but he asked me what I liked to do for fun, I told him, then he asked me out, and I don't give out my number to strangers, so I asked for his and he proceeded to tell me have a good night and paid the cab fare and left.

I asked the cab driver what was that about and he said simply, He has a woman at home and wanted you as a "side piece." News Flash, the dude that fled from the cab probably needed a good $45,000 worth of dental work.

 As I reflected on my cab rides, I remembered a Cosmo article that this one woman told of her tryst with a man who had the smallest male part, but what drew so many women to him was not his looks or his manly part, but his infectious confidence and charisma.

So this all seemed to make sense when you see couples in the news who really don't look like they belong, it is because one person in the relationship has the "secret sauce." What is that ? CONFIDENCE!!!

CONFIDENCE makes you have the ability at over 60 to feel and act Don Juan or be the stud from the Revenge of the Nerds movie. So Ladies, please don't feel sorry when you see a less than stellar looking man because he has probably had more dates in a month, than those Don Carlos looking guys.

Cheers to CONFIDENCE!!

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