Foodie Friday: Praline Brunch

We are going to Savannah, GA and it is all about the pecans in that region.

So we created a De-Vine Praline Brunch.

Buttermilk Waffles with Butter Pecan Ice Cream and Warm Maple Syrup
Scrambled Eggs
Hash Browns with Onions and Peppers
Chickory Coffee

Waffles make them with regular pancake mix. Use a single waffle maker that you turn for the waffles.
Add Butter Pecan Ice-Cream when served and add one small scoop and warm maple syrup.
Southerners love eggs, make the eggs light and fluffy and add just a little cheddar cheese.
Hash Browns, you can't have a Southern Brunch without the potato's. I leave the skins of potato's on and toss them in olive oil with diced onions and peppers, until veggies are well cooked.

You can do turkey bacon or I love Morningstar Spicy Sausage for meat substitute.

Add champagne and your favorite O.J. add aromatic bitters as a splash to top the drink.

Cheers to a filling and De-Vine Southern and Praline Brunch!

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