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Summer Fun and Networking

Many people are on vacation, so you think that you have to wait for the fall to go to that networking event,etc.

Not true many people are on vacation and if you are in NYC that means everyone is out East.

Which also means that the person who you see at Cooper's Beach in Southampton, NY probably has a private firm that is looking to invest in your startup, or that summer benefit that your girlfriend dragged you to has someone who is looking to hire when they get back in the fall.

So, again attend things that you are interested in and let the magic of being prepared and opportunity find you.

Cheers to summer networking!

We're Back.....

We had to travel the road for great stories for our summer issue.

July and August:

Summer Fun and Networking

Psychology Today and  Business?

Beauty Spot Finds

Watermelon Slush for Summer

And more...

Northside Festival Highlights

It was a week since every hipster, entreprenuer, and corporate exec descended upom Willamsburg, Brooklyn.

This was by far the best meeting of intellectual capital on all perspectives.

Entertainment Panel: Creating Fandom
Anyone who is trying to create or pitch a show needed to be at this panel. The execs from Digital Marketing and Digital Audience engagement from Vh1 and Comedy Central gave great insight on how writers should engage and think about there audiences first and create a digital community where they can interact with the fans. Fans equal MONEY.

Design Anyone?
This panel was standing room only. Design and product development is big, not only are investors looking for the next big thing in tech but design has a lot to do with creating sustainable products. One innovator the creator of MY BELL studied design and has an awesome product that customizes bell sounds for your bike. Why is that important because the average bike bell is at a low decible, so you can create your ow…

Northside Fest: "Make A Band Famous in Real Time"

As we gear up for Northside Festival, what would a hipster conclave be without music?

For months hundreds of the nations hottest upcoming bands was whittled down to a final 24 and along with VH1 and Republic Records, you get the most innovative singing competition.

So what makes this competition so innovative? All 24 bands will be live streamed and mentored, raw, uncut without editing for 24 hours all on and the VH1 App. Yeah, so things will get pretty interesting.

What is in it for the bands a recording contract from Republic Records and a feature on VH1 You Outta Know show. This series has introduced artists since 2005 from Adele, Ed Sheeran and Mumford and Sons to name a few.

When does live streaming begin? Wednesday, June 11 at 8PM/ 5PT.

Cheers to expeiencing a singing competition in a new way!

Father's Day Picks

Ok, Father's Day is next week, however most DONT want TIES!

The trend most want to get into the kitchen, build things, nautical and read!!!

I know you are thinking BBQ, but the trend is Ice Cream Making, when I was in the William Sonoma store for an Ice Cream Making demonstration, it was mostly guys.
for $44.00 you can get an ice cream starter- flavors are Mocha Chip, Vanilla Caramel, and Strawberry. an individual ice cream maker, and a small box of toppings.

Building Things:
The trend is not big home improvement projects, but small things on their down time, such as recreating a Viking Boat, which you can get at Barnes and Noble for 14.95.

Another trend is nautical, anything from sailing courses, knot tieing courses, and kayaking. Ok, your man is not into that Hornblower just relaunched amazing Dinner and Brunch cruises.

On a lazy Sunday most men aside from the paper want to read things that interest them, if it is Civil War, The Vikings, think anything o…

Going to Northside?? Ladies Check Out Our Lookbook

Northside is in a week however, you can still go to Willamsberg and look chic, no not with mismatch outfits.

You can attend the NYC Hipster Event will great styles from my stylist friend SJ Berman, who is a stylist from the online Keaton Row stylist company.

She can put together a great lookbook so everyone can look great and still get that hipster feel, check out her lookbook at
>> > > > >, get the looks now and you can order express or contact SJ if you want a more indivdualized look. Cheers to looking great and being hip next week at Northside Festival!

NYC Hipsters Get Ready!! Northside Festival is here

So we missed Cochella, and SWSX, but starting next week, all things tech, music, film and innovation will collide in NYC.

Where you asked?

All hipsters and corporate executives will collide in Brooklyn for the Northside Innovation Festival, where corporate sponsors such as Vh1 will choose a new band, not for you then you should check out the long list of panelist such as Andy Dunn, founder of Bonobos and Head of Red Swan Ventures.

The action starts next week from June 11-19, get your pass now and

Cheers to a subway ride away from the biggest hipster event!

What Is Friendship?

Talking to a neighbor of mine, who says besides works he doesn't have friends.

Well, why? He told me that people are extremely draining and he refuses to allow anyone in his life who would drain or disturb his peace.

Then, I remembered a quote someone gave me a long time ago, it said "A friend wants nothing from you, but everything for you."

I told him that the best relationship, I ever had was when I would spend the weekend with my boyfriend and for hours he did his thing and I did mine seperately.

I reminded him that friends or any relationship does not have to draining if each party respects the each other and can simply enjoy the shared time with each other.

So if you are in a relationship where you are doing all the giving and feeling drained or can't freely communicate without insult, then it's not a relationship.

Remember "Friends want everything for you, but nothing from you.

Cheers to true friendship!

Bridal Wedding Favors

Long of the days of our parents giving out Jordan Almonds in tulle and they called that "wedding favors."

Here's our list of favors:
Crystal Bells from Waterford- "Wedding Bells"
Lladro mini Love Birds
Artsinal Baskets filled with local products that you and the groom love.
Cases of Ice Wine--sweet dessert wine, with a label Love is Sweet and Sappy!!

Cheers to a great wedding and favors we know you and your guests would love!