Psychology Today and Technology

Everyone is technology crazed of course we are given the fact that is how we communicate all time.

However the most insightful articles that I read about technology have been in Psychology Today.

One very interesting article is about startups, in NYC go down to any co-working space in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Long Island City, it is packed with people coding away or developing business plans for a startup to revlotutionize the world.

Many people are dreaming of a major "exit." An exit is when the founder or co-founder sells the business for a grand sum of money it can go anywhere from 20 million to 19 billion. However as the article in Psychology Today points out when companies exit, they often create an unstable work environment.

Employees who choose to work for startups love that they are working on something new, innovative and often don't have the strings of ridgity of a traditional business. So when the founders sell or exit the employees feel betrayed and productivity goes down because they psychologically felt as though they were part of building something great.

Another interesting article was 7 Strategies for Innovation, this article gets any tech entreprenuer  to think about problems they can solve through technology, if you are in co-working space you get things accomplished and it breeds innovative ideas just by being around people who are working,

So if you are dreaming about the day of your big exit or need ways to innovate and you are a tech entreprenuer then picking up this issue of Psychology Today can't hurt.

Cheers to great information in unlikely places!

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