Job Search while Still Being a Fashionista

Recruiting Season is under way and most employers are more conservative now than ever.

So what to do when you LOVE fashion, but are up for a corporate job.

Traditional dark suits are still a staple, with pearl studs, and close toe high heel shoes.

Nix the nail art the glitter even if you are interviewing in fashion, they don't want to see that at all.

However, you can still wear a colorful scarf that you can take off when you get to the interview.

Nail polish is all about the NUDES this year in pale pink, pale taupe, and even pale liliac, you can get away with that as well.

You can get away with a structured bag, but be careful if someone knows that you are out of work for a while, don't show up with the latest Channel or Berkin bag, red flaggs will go up with HR.

You can find a great structure bag from Target in classic black with gold hardware for under 50.00.

Ladies no cleavage, and make certain that all skirts are knee length.

Classic shoulder length hair never went out of style, neither did a bob, or layers, but  nix the highlights and go for one color straight through.

Leave the hair chalk, and blue dye to vacations.

Cheers to growing up and starting out in the REAL WORLD

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