Congrats to our HALL of FAME!!

When we first started two years ago, so were a lot of other people who decided to take their years of experience and make something great with their lives.

Congrats to out HALL of FAME:

1. Adolfo Sanchez-- Adolfo Sanchez, LLC.
 He learned from the best designers, has his own collection and collection of designers under Creativ PR. Most recently, his designers dresses was featured on an A- List Hollywood Actress. Kudos to Adolfo! I was at his first NYC show and is so proud of his accomplishments!

2. Liza Kindred-Third Wave Fashion
After working at several jobs in fashion and tech, she launched Third Wave Fashion, which is fashion tech consulting firm, she was one of our first interviews where she grants us an hour of her time explaining to us the intracies of fashion and e-commerce and the intersection of the two. She has spoken at every major fashion event in the world about her expertise. Today she is recognize as one of the leaders of Fashion Innovation and has put out a world class with report along with O'Reilly about the use of Fashion and Big Data.

3. Blueprint Health
Although we haven't written a formal article about this organization, we were with this organization since it's second demo day, when then Associate was helping figure out how to put over 200 guests in a SoHo Loft. Blueprint Health is one of the thriving leaders in healthcare innovation and recently celebrated its 6th class of entreprenuers at not the loft, but at City Winery triple the size with the great capacity, with all of the major leaders in health, healthcare innovation in the world present. The, then Associate is now Director of Operations overseeing not only the class of entreprenuers; however is managing relationships with major healthcare corporations and providers and has two direct reports under him.

So what does the following people have that distinguishes them from the rest and to have continued longevity.

1. Talent--They are compent in their fields and know their respective industries, they also worked under someone for several years, learning and gaining expertise.

2. Humility--All three people are extremely humble people who you would want to have a cup of coffee and a doughnut.

3. Seized Opportunity-- They all knew when to make go from corporate to independent, or corporate to a start- up.

4. Excellence--All three have a track record of sustained excellence.

Cheers to our Business Hall of Fame Leaders!

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