Beauty Spot: Lotions for the Winter, Deep Purple Lip

We are in the Northeast are in the midst of cold weather.

Which means that our skin dries out faster and quicker.

This product is amazing, SkinFix it is dermatologist recommended and it is all natural and steroid free, which is designed to treat dry cracked skin and eczema. Highly recommend this product for all over body use.

How to achieve the Deep Purple Lip, the deep purple lip has many looking goth or circa 1990's when women would use dark lipstick to make their teeth look white.

Take any dark purple lipstick matte of course, and brighten it up with a pink lip gloss my favorite is Nars Priscilla.

This makes anyone look less severe and more brighter.

So, if you need to achieve that look then by all means this is the way to go.

Cheers to Skin Fix and achieving the perfect Deep Purple Lip!

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