Apres Ski Dressing

Ski season is among us. If you are skiing in Switzerland, Big Bear, California, Salt Lake City, Utah or right here at Hunter Mountain, NY.

It is key to look chic at all times.

The key essentials if you are walking around town out of your chalet:

1. Hand muff- Hand muffs are all fur and fur lined, common in Europe.

2. Head bands are also very chic- Try Eugunia Kim Collection.

3.Gloves vs. Mittens- In my opinion no one over the age of 14 should wear mittens. Gloves are essential leather gloves with cashmere lining is the best and the warmest without making your hands sweat.

4. Outwear: Puffer jackets are an essential, Michael Kors has a rose gold color if you are on the wild side, but I have a basic black Calvin Klein, that works wonders.

Chalet Dressing:

1. Most people change after a day on the slopes because it is the right thing to do, and I would still recommend, tights under basic boot cut or skinny jeans.

2. Sweaters are so cool, you could wear an amazing mohair sweater in a variety of colors or a typical ski print that Tommy Hilfiger is known for which also comes in sweater dresses.

3. Indoor embellished headbands are great for dinner and classes up any drab sweater.

4. Boots make sure you have indoor boots for dinner, yes there are ski boots, dress boots, and booties. My preference are booties they pull together any look.

 Everything should be natural with a flicker of sparkle on the lids or cheek bones.
Very important you should always wear SPF before you head out on the slopes because you can get wicked sunburn  while skiing.

Here's to skiing in style and fashion.

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