Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Man

Men love to receive gifts as well, besides the obvious which is sex.

Here are some great gifts for your man.

1. Appointment at Art of Shaving Spa- Hot Towel Close Shave, I am told by men are the best.

2. Shinola- This is a Detroit based luxury watch and bike manufacturer and I would say there products are the best, especially if your guy loves to bike.

3. Leather Weekend Bag- This bag can be found at Barney's this is best leather bag that I found, it is so cool, it has a great natural tan rugged look. It is found at the fine leather section.

4. Skin Care- The amazing products for men are Anthony Logistics they glyolic face wash and this is really going to help but a blue body wash, you can find the complete line at Lord and Taylor.

5. Cologne- They re-released Farhenhit which is amazing, and Obession by Calvin Klein I think has some hormones that would make you literally jump out of your skin, when you smell it on him, hence he should not wear this to work.

6. Harley-Davidson Motorcycles- I went to an open house last year and it really is a power tool. I want one myself, so if you can splurge on your man, by all means and the vintage ones are best.

7. Home-made Food and Real BBQ.- I had a neighbor who in the middle of winter would fire the grill and put on a porterhouse and open a beer, a Forster the big beer oil cans, and would make the best steaks. He said doing this made him feel real and manly.

So those are real gifts that all men want and of course no nagging!

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