Service Review: European Wax Centers

Why we love European Wax Centers?

So, my normal brow person was on vacation and I needed a brow and face wax, I just happened to be around a European Wax Center so I thought I would give it a try.

Your first service is free they do this so you can test out the center. But, why I love them so much is that they are so clean, professional- they were disposable hand gloves and a semi face mask and every person who touches your face has a NYS license.

1. The brow was impeccably done all I had to do was get a brow pencil to get that full brow effect.

2. The sensitive areas hot rubber wax is put on but it forms a rubber mold so it immediately comes off and there is no double dipping or reuse of wax strips, which is totally gross.

3. A cooling lotion is applied and you are on your way.

4. Your second appointment is already scheduled for you and they have a $5.00 coupon off the next service.

5. If you wax a lot then they have a plan that you can buy into for the duration that they are in business.

So, since V- Day is coming up, you may want to check out European Wax Centers.

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