Social Media Week Recap

Last week was Social Media Week, which is a global event and I just happened to  attend the one in NYC.

The Highlights of the Conference:

The common theme was community building. People want authentic relationships without being sold on a product, event, or looking for VC funding, while using social next works. One Viacom exec had to defend why they canceled a fan group or fandom for a current show. Key point people congregate over specific groups they feel they can be heard.

A MIT professor developed a virtual reality product that develops empathy among different cultures. The person wears the device and experiences a real life scenario as the other person.This is really cutting edge.

Ford presentation alluded to the fact that they are developing alternate forms of transportation, to cut down on commuter time and they are looking to work with small businesses.

Ford cars comes with a Do Not Disturb Device that alerts all people in your phone network that you are driving, which has dramatically reduce auto fatalities.

Looking forward to next year!

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