The Power of ONE

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant, that may have been sub par but because of the service you are a repeat customer?

We can underestimate the power of excellent customer service, people who make you want to spend all of your pay check.

Good customer service comes from good management and management who is willing to listen, allow employees to connect with customers, even if they spend the whole day in the store and buy nothing.

The places we love in NYC are
1. The delicious empanada truck in 42 nd Street and SoHo.
2. The Birchbox store on Monday's when our favorite person is there.
3. Rebecca Minkoff Greene Street again our favorite person.
4. Saks Flagship store for fragrances the person there is so amazing, I bought CREED fragrance.
5. PopKarma, everyone is super nice and I love all there flavors especially Kyoto, with cold Saké.

Cheers for those businesses whose ground floor employees make it worth us spending those extra dollars!

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