We Heart This for August....

It is that time again when we give you the best of the best in terms of what we sampled and thought was really great.

Food and Drink:
Move Over Procesco it is Moscato!

This is a sweet bubbly Italian wine that goes great with spicy food, without giving your mouth a tingle after you had an alcoholic beverage.

Loacker Noir Orange:
Think of an English tea biscuit with orange cream covered it dark chocolate, it is great treat, serve it cold for the summer months.

Cold Beet Juice:
Yes, we must include something healthy, after you finished boiling beets and have that liquid, get a clean pitcher and put it in the fridge, it is refreshing and great for blood pressure!

Seasonal Fruit Pies: Stone Fruit and Pineapple
Use these fresh fruits with a red wine reduction and with a Brown Sugar and Granola topping.
Excellent- Bake Open Face, it you want a crust then use a frozen whole wheat dough from Whole Foods.

Elizabeth Arden: Lip Gloss Bright Purple- Violet, Put this over a dark berry lip matte lipstick for a Pop of Color

Alba- Pineapple Enzyme- Make Up Remover- If you put these in the fridge, then you when ever you want to refresh your make up or take it off at night, it gives a great cooling feel and takes off everything!

Sabon- We are back at our favorite store: This time we are trying the Rosemary Mint Olive Oil based Soap with the exfoliating mitt, wonderful!

Cheers we hope you heart these things for August as well.

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