HAPPY 3rd Birthday Positivexpert!!!

Well, it was three years ago when we decided to take a leap of faith and launch Positivexpert.

Many people ask me so you were always an ray of sunshine and wanted to share that with people?

No, actually Positivexpert has forced me and everyone to see the bright side in a world of chaos confusion and sometimes darkness.

What we hope all of our readers take away from Positivexpert that opportunities exist within all of us and sometimes you don't have to look too far to seize the good that life offers us everyday.

We never thought when we started this that it would take me on a wonderful journey and that we would meet some great people.

Positivexpert has really opened up doors not only for myself, but others and that is what we hope we will continue to do, bring you the best and always give you a something practical to use.

We love and appreciate all of you and hope that you continue to "Ride Our Ride!"

In Gratitude,

The Positivexpert Team

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