New Trend In Weddings: Country Glam

Okay so all the tabloids covered Allison Williams wedding, where her aisle was a dirt trail in the beautiful Wyoming Country Side and her reception was in a glammed out barn.

Well, she is not the only bride to embrace this country chic wedding. A friend of mine got married in the Adirondack s in an open field, her reception was in a barn, with, a formal band for entrance and a DJ for the rest of the reception. Her food and wine were all locally sourced from the area, which was excellent. She also had lighted tents where guests could stay, the ultimate in glamping and her both sides of the family, when she and her husband left, had a bonfire and told of old stories well into the night.

So, those over the top platinum weddings of the early 2000 have faded and now we are into Country Rustic Glam Weddings.

Cheers to the Great Outdoors!!

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