Drugstore Beauty Haul

We read the @allure beauty list of all the top drug store cosmetics and figured why not give it a try.

Besides we do a lot of blending of colors with lips and eye shadow so here's what we got:

Rimmel London- Extra Thick Eyeliner
If you want super thick cat eyes this is the color.

Shea Moisturizer Lip Gloss
We have it in Orange with our blending of a little pigment looks great with a bronzer.

Cover Girl
Queen in a deep berry is the same as Trish McCovy matte berry stain.

Our trusted Lava Lip in rich red almost with Maybelline true Red Matte is amazing.

Very important, the guy at Target said his mother told him to always check out a young women's nails, if they are chipped or not polished don't mess with her.

We got :
Rapshody Red from Sally Hensen's gel line.
Terra Cotta also from their gel line.
Pink Sliver nail polish from a unknown brand.
Christmas Green and Sliver Sparkles for your friends annual Ugly Sweater Party.

General rules of safety for buying at drug stores:
1. Never buy anything on clearance, it is seasonal stuff that is chemically breaking down, especially if it's organic then the chemical break down is faster because there are no preservatives.

2. Always look for the safety seal on all cosmetics.

3. Buy from quality lines such as Cover Girl, Maybelline, Loreal, Revlon, and Physicians Formula anything else, we don't recommend.

But as for skin care and foundation, go to the department stores for quality brands.

Cheers to looking fab on a dime!

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