Women Entrepreneurship Programs

2016 is less than five weeks away, what have you done?

Well go 2015 in a celebration! I was at a career conference this fall and someone was so frustrated that Women over 40 businesses were not being funded.

So here is a list of incubator programs and want well thought out business plans regardless of age.

1. UBS and Rent the Runway Fashion Tech Incubator.
Applications for next year are due soon, but your application has to include technology in your business plan.
Remember technology need not be fancy, but practical Rent the Runway prides itself in including technology in their dry cleaning.
Natalia knit dresses prides their line in using robots to knit there dresses.
Like anything know who your  market know your investors.

WE Entrepreneurs Festival
This was founded 5 years ago by Joanne Wilson, an investor, but also a big foodie. Her past investments have included The Brooklyn Smasgasborg, Hot Bread Kitchen, and if you follow her blog Gotham Gal, she is always taking pictures of her delicious dinners, etc. Having said that it is no surprise that the keynote for the conference is food entrepreneur Rachel Ray. Applications open up December 1, 2015.

NYC Fashion Venture Fund
They are seeking women applicants that are incorporating technology such as virtual reality and other higher forms of technology in their actual products.

Plum Alley
Fine jeweler such as Monique Pean have benefited from the Angel financing and they have their own crowd funding programs.

Former financier and financial whiz Sally Krawcheck has announced that her women's empowerment group, will be heading a business incubation type of program next year.

Plus, there are several groups such as NY Venture Capitalists group, NY Angels, and actual Fortune 500 companies who have venture capital arms associated with them.

Opportunities and funding are out there you just have to know your investor and have a great product to scale quickly.

Cheers to women owned businesses in 2016.

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