Beauty Spot: Drug Store Finds

Target had a major beauty sale and we just had to check it out.....

For our skin we are using as many all natural beauty products as we can.

1. Jason Body Wash in Calming Lavender:
 Jason's products contain no parabens, SLS, Petrolatum, Artificial Colors or Phthalates, so this is as pure as product as you are going to get.

2. Regular Bic Silky Touch:
When one of our staffers had a scare last year that sent her to the doctor, she was told not to use any triple blades, because the hair underneath a women's arm is very fine and most "lady" razors are actually men's blades. Once you nick yourself you can inflame your lymph nodes or it even lead to infection.

3. Cover Girls: Lip Lava
For special events we chose a dark red over a flaming red matte looks like a Shiny Red Apple. Always use gloss even if it is over the matte for moisturizing effects.
Another Lip Lava we used bought is what we called a purple sequins for those days when you need a pop of color with your gray or silver shimmer sweaters.

4. Revlon: Love Is!!!
The ColorStay Gel Envy in Showtime is wonderful for the holidays especially with black sequins.
Speaking of Revlon there Gel Envy Products are the best in the business. They can be taken off easily and if you do not do dishes it truly lasts all week long.

5. Now our first beauty product: Body Oil infused with Lavender
We created our first beauty product and it is wonderful. Cold weather is coming but you don't want all that heavy product on your skin, so will bought organic oil and infused it with organic essential lavender.
Why Lavender? Because it has a calming effect on the brain and the entire nervous system. It truly is wonderful!
First of our many creations....

That's all for now... we are checking out some pampering at some spas so you never know where we might come up next!

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