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Positive Thoughts for April

March we saw the world go insane with bombing in Europe, Asia and people suffering through out the world and in the U.S.So how do you keep happy?1. I know when I don't watch television, my mood becomes a lot lighter.2. I love writing and sharing with audience all of the greatest things, life has to offer.3. I am well connected spiritually, so even if I am having a bad week. I go back to the source of life which is God.4. If you read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Then you know never to take anything personal because people are living in their own psychosis or story fueled by their egos.5. Be grateful for every thing, even when things don't work out say thank you because that's God's way of protecting you.6. Always think and be positive when you tune out the noise of negativity, you begin to see things in a more positive way.7. Above all else love your self, because you don't love and respect yourself, no else will.8. Work hard and remain positive.Cheers to…

Beauty Spot: Does this work?

Okay, you are wondering if the products we buy are worth the weight and effectiveness.Nail Polish:
Sinful Colors we bought the 8 bottles for 10.00
We would say after two coats and any gel type of sealer, yes it is worth it 100 percent!Skin Care:
We used Biore Charcoal Face Wash, which is great, every day use.Mask:
Rare Clay Pore Mask by Khiel's
I use it every other day to draw out impurities and tighten my pores and it does wonders.Toner:
SK II Pietra Essence, this gives my face a great glow after the first three steps.Sleep, I try to get at least 8 hours, which reduces under eye puffiness.So, there are our testimonials that indeed the products we buy are worth their weight.Cheers to great skin care!!

Beauty Spot: Male Grooming Products

Spring beauty cleanses, is not only for women, here's our picks of products that are pretty amazing for you guys.Clinique Men
In this four step process, which is similar to Clinique for Women. It has a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and after shave with a Clarisonic type brush, for deep cleaning.
(Buy this at any Macy's,)Khiel's
Our favorite is from the men's line is the facial wash that comes in a blue tube. This has a clean scent that is transportable from home to gym. If you are acne prone, then the Rare Clay Mask does wonders to shrink pores and give your skin a great glow with their toner, give all the products six weeks for incredible results. Available at Bloomingdale's and their free standing stores.Anthony
My recommendation from this collection is the body wash, that is eucalyptus and peppermint and is very invigorating. Great for the morning to get you started then for the gym, and right before date night.(Sold at Macy's)Male Grooming Spas
There are a …

Beauty Tip: Essential Oils

We discovered this amazing way to destress, which is to mix Sweet Orange essential oil and Clove Essential Oil.You can of course buy unscented body wash and mix it well.You can use it in your humidifier and have that going all day, so when you go to bed your room is wonderfully scented for a peaceful night sleep.You can buy Sweet Almond Oil and infuse it as well.Anyway this is the most calming scent that I have ever experienced.Cheers to natural calmness!

Beauty Tips: Spring Cleanse

It's not what you think...We are not going to tell you to drink hot water and lemon and eat salads.However, what we did notice was the amount of foundation and strobing that women do on a daily basis.When we went to a determatologist, he advised us to only wear a full face, for special occasions, because he has seen a rise in cystic acne and skin diseases caused by excessive use of make up.He also suggested whenever you have a break out, that you only wear lipstick and allow your face to heal.Drinking water and will flush out the toxins, sleep will do great in skin cell rejenuvation. Make up wipes are good however a facial cleanser will cut all the day's make up, natural oil, and pollution from you skin.So here's to Spring cleaning and keeping your face the absolute best.Cheers to looking great!

Beauty Spot: Does This Work?

Most people wonder if the beauty products I recommended work.1. The Biore Nose Strips with Charcoal, work 100 percent!2. SK II products, I have been using these products for the past six years and they work 150 percent.3. Body Wash infused with Orange Oil, totally worth it clean and refreshing scent that leaves your body ultra clean.4. Biore Charcoal Face Wash,
Totally worth the purchase, clean but not drying out your skin.5. Coconut Oil, if you have any dryness to your skin or hair works wonders!So yes we use the products that we feature and love them!Cheers to looking and feeling good!

Health Spot: Update

Okay I am on my road to losing the last fifty.I said I would...What I have done so far is to:1. Eat more natural fiber beans and fruit.2. Cook for myself using whole grains, quoina, bulgar, and cracked wheat.3. Increasing my water intake, even it is one more bottle a day.4. Eating vegan 4 days a week, until I am completely vegan.5. Dilute juices 75 percent of water to juice.6. Walking at least one mile a day.7. Eliminating all negativity including thinking.8. Listening to positive music, no TV.Cheers to celebrating health!!!

Beauty Spot: We Heart...

This month we took $60.00 and said we were going to find the best all natural beauty products.First stop: Whole Foods
Yes, many super center Whole Foods Stores have a beauty section.
1. Coconut Oil- Organic Unrefined USDA , Non GMO certified coconut oil, which is perfect for deep conditioner, based for homemade scrubs, etc. Or a plain moisturizer.2. Alba Botanica
Hawaiian Body Polish, which is a sugar based scrub, sugar is great for the outside, but not to ingest it, if you have high blood pressure or pregnant, stay away from salt based products. This product has no parabens, phthalates, and 100 percent vegetarian.3. Body Wash 32 oz. of unscented body wash that has no pesticides, parabens, etc.I know you are like me you want some scent.4. We went to Rain Store, which sells all organic bath and body products that is ethically sourced from South Africa. We bought pure Sweet Orange Essential Oil and put it in the unscented body wash.Amazing! The results...So how much was this portion of…

Tips for Caregivers

Most people in the course of their lifetime will be a caregiver, whether it is for a spouse, child, a parent, or a sibling, etc.Here are some tips to keep you sane while caregiving.1. If someone is angry or upset or becomes violent it is not about you, but they are angry at their situation, they are upset that they didn't heed the warnings of their doctors. NEVER take it PERSONAL!2. Be with them more often. Now is not the time to be selfish and totally abandon someone because you emotionally can't deal with their illness or condition.3. If you need to vent cry, express anger or whatever else then, do where the patient can't see you, it will make them feel bad.4. Be present with them, if they want to talk about things, then fine, but don't burden them with your problems, especially if they are your parent because a parent will always worry about their children even subconsciously.5. Take time for yourself. Personal care is very important, have neighbors or licensed prof…

March 1: New Month, New Perspective

It's March already and before you get bikini ready, get mentally ready for all the good that is coming your way.Whether it is a raise, finally forgiving people and not bringing up the past, letting go of people and beliefs that don't serve you.Before you can achieve any great amount of success you have to be mentally ready to receive your good.I learned I can't be so caught up in achieving goals that I have not mentally burried the hachette with certain people or situations.Whatever or whoever didn't work out in the past it wasn't meant for you, trust that and move on and don't feed into people and their negative psychosis.Also we all make mistakes in character judgment, if you need to trust that the right people are coming your way. Lastly enjoy life, avoid negativity by focusing on all that is going right in your life, strive only to be the best and the best will follow you.Plant seeds of joy, peace and happiness and you will have a bounty of goodness in your…