Getting and Staying Out of Debt

Most people would say that they have some or experienced some financial difficulties.

Here's is what we learned:

1. Only buy the necessities when needed, not out of emotion.

2. Learn to sew, mend, fix clothes.

3. Home cooked meals as much as possible.

4. Check the return policy on all merchandise, if you have not worn it in 2 months, you are never going to wear it again. See if you can return.

5. Go to events that you are going to get some value, not the just the gift bag. Because the people or the environment, maybe not be to your liking and you just wasted time and money.

6. Don't give unsolicited advice, you and your knowledge and time are valuable, if someone asks for something, you are a consultant charge a fee!

7. Turn a hobby into a side business, if you are a extreme couponer, then teach classes and offer to shop for the elderly who maybe on a fixed income.

Cheers to the end of all financial problems!

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