Subscription Boxes vs. Stores

I have always spent a lot of money on beauty items, my first paycheck at 16 was getting false nails.

When ever I got extra money I was in either a department store or a drug store buying beauty items.

Until, Subscription boxes came out and it saved me show much money, until UPS and postal service got angry at our boxes.

So back to drugstores and department stores, until recently I calculated how much I spend on beauty products!

And, how time I would go to beauty events for the swag where I could be doing a lot more with my time.

But, the positive side is the beauty Subscription market has greatly improved, most of the companies that didn't understand beauty or business folded.

Leaving now only the true mature companies that can withstand high volume and great customer service, but giving their audience the best in beauty products.

So for 15.00 a month I have reconnected to my monthly swag, only going to events that I truly enjoy.

Also, my bank account has seen a positive cash flow.

Cheers to getting beauty products at a fraction of the cost!

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