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Monday Motivation

Did you ever get that jealous ting when someone talks about their achievements and you are still figuring out what to wear to work the next day. Well the good news is that whatever you want in life is right in front of you.In fact I always wanted to transition to a plant based diet but didn't know how until someone contacted me about joining a 21 Day Challenge.  Then I saw a PBS special on the same thing, but two totally different sources. This was definitely confirmation that what I wanted was right in front of me and God or the Universe was giving me what I wanted or needed.A lot of people think that the law of attraction or manifestation is all about money. But, it can be applied to all areas of your life.Another simple example was I needed to provide a Big Grab Bang for a  workshop that I am personally doing. How could I afford this???Well it turns out that a major store was having a Grand Opening and all my coupons that I had planned for the Big Grab Bag I could use, everythi…

Beauty Spot : Fall Review Part1

Ok, so it's the second week in October and most of the new beauty products for the rest of the year have been released.This is what we learned :
Highlighters, Sephora has a great one in champagne and when you mix it with your  foundation, especially for under the the eye it does the most amazing job. Better than a concealer would have done. Plus it brightens your entire eyes.Maybelline Cosmetics :
We had a ton of coupons for this line we went to a high end CVS, yes they have those in NYC and we tried their bold line.
The Bold Line is highly pigmented and really shocking colors.
So we took the Violet Bold Lipstick and Color Jolt from their New York line in 40 Violet Rebel.  The results were amazing and beautiful.
We lined the lips with Violet Bold Lipstick  and filled in the lips with Color Jolt which is a gloss. And we paired this with a bright blue blouse and it looked amazing.Also from Maybelline the new macaras, one is Falsie Drama and the other is Angel.
The Drama is great fo…

Personal Care: Why Everyone Needs It

Personal Care we all hear about it, it is the latest catch phrase, but really what is it?It is taking care of yourself, your physical,  emotional and mental needs.I learned that when I stopped bending over backwards to please people that were never going to like me, that  emotionally I experienced a joy and freedom and peace.Physically,  I am  not a big gym person,  but I love to walk it clears the mind. Plus it isn't damaging as running or other forms  of excerise.Mentally,  I make sure I read or research something twice a week. It keeps the brain agile and you become more aware of people around you. Deflect anything negative,  no news,  only positive music and people who don't  complain or take themselves too seriously. A sign of someone great is someone, who  doesn't take themselves seriously.  I am fortunate to have met a lot of people who you would  never know,  what families they are from,  etc. Because they don't take themselves seriously.Personal care also stat…

Character vs Position

Many people are super impressed with people who have excelled in their careers and some who have amassed a fortune on the way.However,  as we have seen in this election,  and we at Positivexpert have said it is character that will sustain your success.We are not saying that everyone has and will make mistakes, however it is  dangerous to only  put in high regard those in society with wealth and power, and  disregard who they are as a person.Society has long given passes to people whom have such positions, while disrespecting people who don't have a  voice or do not know how to  articulate that voice.Even in our own families, how many times do we allow a sibling, an aunt or an uncle, cousin, etc. to say anything about anyone. Or if someone gets into trouble we make excuses instead of holding them accountable for their actions.If we start where we are in our communities by not tolerating bad behavior especially with our children,  then we can begin to see a true  civil society.Cheer…

Glam Lifestyle For Less

We see a lot of people who promote how glamorous their lives are and event website that only promote invite only events.As a result we have seen in society such jealousy and hatred of skyrocketing proportions, which really isn't good or positive.So we complied a list of resources that you can go to, be in the know about fab events so you can enjoy the GLAM LIFE for LESS .1. You Are On the List:
They have great events such as going to a fashion presentation at Bloomingdales  with the Fashion Director of Bloomingdales.2. Samsung 837
This is such an amazing store with all Samsung products, but they also have free concerts and Timo Weiland had his fashion presentation at that location for September NYFW. 3. The Microsoft Store
The Fifth Avenue location has events from viewing a fashion show to football fans getting an autograph by their favorite star to previewing the latest in gaming and X box features.4. Co working spaces
They have a  ton of events from securing free capital to te…

Fall is for Love: Watch Your Pattern !

Are you or do you know a person who always has relationship drama? This season many women and men want to cuddle by the fire place with someone make sure it is the right person.1. You need to take inventory of your  dating history :1a. Are you attracted to  emotionally unavailable men?
Men or women who are in a  committed relationship.
Men or women who are in jail or in another state or country.
Have you broken the girlfriend or man code, which is not to date any of people whom your squad has been intimate.2. Do you want a relationship with someone to enhance your social status?
Men and women are guilty of this men get involved and stay involved strictly for looks and how they are viewed by their peers. Women get involved strictly for money they want the good life and know their looks in certain cases is the fastest way to get them to a financial goal.3. Do you want children or not want children?
Many women want children with wealthy men to secure their financial status but are not…

Last Quarter Goals: Cautious Frugality

Where have we been?Well we were prepping for a speaking engagement and for those who cannot attend here is what we learned about money and savings :1. A true deal is one that you can get without traveling more than 10 miles from your home to get.2. Take monthly inventory of what you already have in terms of Beauty, household items, clothes.3. When you shop only go into stores with cash, no credit cards  or debit. Make sure you have transportation and only buy what the  cash in your hand can afford.4. Don't spend so much time looking for deals that you don't have time to go out and enjoy your new outfit or make up that you scored below retail.5. If people ask you about your style don't tell them and don't show off essentially  don't make people angry or envious.6. Take time to join activities independent from work and getting deals.7. Pay full price for something at least twice a week. This would break any type of addictive pattern for "getting " things.8.…