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Subscription Box Review: VINE OH !

We are moving away from beauty subscription boxes for a minute to look at lifestyle boxes.

The lifestyle box that is geared towards women is called actually takes women's love specifically for wine and pairs them with lifestyle products.

We actually became aware of this subscription box through participating in a survey for the brand.

Here is what we love about the box:

1. You have a choice between all reds, all  whites, and a mix, the quarterly subscription costs 59.95, however you can choose a one time gift in between quarters.

2. The ordering between quarters is great because during the summer months when you have out of town guests or people, going to BBQ's people you are more apt to serve or bring a bottle of wine.

3. This is the aspect that will keep them in business: They have a box, where you items that are specifically geared for women. In this box we received Dana Herbert earrings, Mixture of bath products, Govino 16 oz. Wine Glasses in a 2 Pack, a hu…

Thanks again to Our Sponsors for a great night.

On the outside many people may look at a person with all the trappings of success and say man, I want what she has or us doing.Over 5 years when I started Positivexpert Blog it was just a dream to provide people with information that was not filled with gossip, negative news, or complaining about something I had no control over.Tonight's event is 5 years of service to our audience and the biggest gratitude note to our readers and other people who supported me  either by reading the blog, inviting me to events, encouraging me to stay strong while I was taking care of my late father. Thanks again to Athleta who promotes women fitness,  but personal care, and ensures that all women are not only dressed in the best athlesisure and Fitness clothing, but they are a large company that promotes sustainable fashion, recycling among their clothing bags and are safe spaces where women  can come in and take a  class or just chill out.Thanks again to Our Sponsors who saw our vision in shifting…

Our First Event: Healthy Happy Hour at Athleta June 23, 2017

Yes we are holding our first event after 5 years of blogging, product testing, foodie Friday's, the Beauty Spot, Charity Spotlight, etc...

We are celebrating Happy Hour but with a twist, it is a Healthy Happy Hour at Athleta where you can taste awesome healthy treats, shop, gift bags and giveaways will be given through out the event.

Thanks to our host our snack sponsors,,, and for providing us with delicious and healthy snacks.

We will have gift bags and giveaways throughout the night but, you have to register first at

as always....CHEERS!