Subscription Box Review: VINE OH !

We are moving away from beauty subscription boxes for a minute to look at lifestyle boxes.

The lifestyle box that is geared towards women is called actually takes women's love specifically for wine and pairs them with lifestyle products.

We actually became aware of this subscription box through participating in a survey for the brand.

Here is what we love about the box:

1. You have a choice between all reds, all  whites, and a mix, the quarterly subscription costs 59.95, however you can choose a one time gift in between quarters.

2. The ordering between quarters is great because during the summer months when you have out of town guests or people, going to BBQ's people you are more apt to serve or bring a bottle of wine.

3. This is the aspect that will keep them in business: They have a box, where you items that are specifically geared for women. In this box we received Dana Herbert earrings, Mixture of bath products, Govino 16 oz. Wine Glasses in a 2 Pack, a huge Crispycake, a wine stopper, and a 2 pack of wine bags.

Then the wines, which are great, and are also great for making chilled red or white sangria or wine spritzers for your summer time gathering.

I was so impressed with the box that I did order a separate box of red wines because I know a friend who entertains with nothing but red wine.

The other subscription alcohol boxes may be more expensive because the quality of wine, however for the quality and the lifestyle items that can be used as gifts,, I highly recommend the subscription!.

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