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Real Reason Why I Stopped Dieting

Everyone is eating plant based or clean, with non- GMO's and lactose and dairy and sugar free.

OK. Oct. 2 would make my 7 year anniversary that I lost 130 lbs. and everyone who looks at my size 12 or 14 body asks me don't you want to work out?

Which leads me to an article that I read on Refinery 29 about the 67 percent project, that 67 percent of American women are at a size 14.

One day went I went to a local mall, the majority of women were my size some bigger, some had children wasn't too concerned about the baby fat, other women were walking with their boyfriends and were happy.

So, I began some deep introspection if these women are a 14 and up size and are happy, why am I struggling to count calories, drink tons of water, etc.

Trust me I am all for being healthy, but being so concerned to near obsession about losing weight is really unhealthy and led me into old feelings that I because I was not a size 0 or under 100, I was worthy of anything; especially anything good.

I was…

Beauty Spot: Nailpolish Review: Sally Hansen

Now that summer is winding down, time to put away the bright blues or pastel yellow nail polishes.

Back to work, back to school, and back to the daily grind. But, you still want to have your fun in terms of nails... we found four great colors from Sally Hansen that will give you that polished look.

Sally Hansen Argan Oil Collection we found:

1. Rosy Glow- it is a combination of pink and red, we recommend wearing this color for days where you have an event after work, or date night.

2. Aren't U Relaxed- This is a coral color more on the orangey side of things, but still work appropriate.

3. Freedom of Peach- This color looks great on women of color, it is a peach nude this is the ultimate in a manicure.

4.Rasin the Bar- This color is great and goes with silver it is rose with silver undertones.

Cheers to wonderful nail colors for the back to work and back to grind season!!

The Beauty Spot: IPY BLUSH, Urban Decay, Shea Moisturizer

We are finally winding down in terms of summer. There are some products that can go into the fall that we just love!!

IPY Blush- Peach Glow- We snagged this actually at BeautyCon and it is amazing! It goes on peach but has a gold under tone, so you don't have to use any highlighting powder, it is so subtle yet gorgeous.

Wild Grow- If you have had any problems with hair breakage and fall out this is the product, I used this in the winter when I saw that I had bald spots and I use this very often, not only did it regrow my hair along with vitamins, but it is amazing. It is plant based and the base of this product is Jamaican Castor Oil, which is known to naturally regrow hair.

Aunt Jackie's Natural Shampoo and Conditioner- We wanted to know what this "natural products" that are not mainstream was all about and we found this brand that was based in flaxseed oil. We tried it and once again, the thickness of our hair was amazing!

Urban Decay- Heat Palate
The Urban Decay Heat P…

Anti-Inflamation Diets Really Do Work!

So, I wanted to see what the hype of eating an anti-inflammatory diet was all about since, I still have the 50 lbs. to lose.

I read about the benefits of turmeric, ginger, no red meat, dairy, soda, no salt, or even certain fruits.

Then, I was waiting on line in an ethnic grocery store where someone told me to drink grated turmeric and ginger tea and stop eating red meat, the woman actually put the whole turmeric root in my basket.

So, out of necessity, I began to eat organic turkey and chicken and only season it with turmeric, Hungarian smoked paprika, and ginger. If I ate rice it would throw in some ground turmeric and chives.

Then, I drank nothing but water, still having some sweets but not a lot. I mean water became my best friend that I had to run to BJ's three times a month for cases of water and coconut water as well.

Did I lose a ton of weight. No, but here is what happened...

1. My blood pressure was stabilized

2. The marker to see if you are diabetic or not dropped 8 poin…

Does sampling, subscription boxes, and deals show work?

Many retailers have cut back on giving free samples to customers, and we have seen since the last few years many subscription services folded.

However, you need to ask with still so many subscription services out there do sampling programs really work? Is it really worth your company to donate samples or full size products to influencer events of swag.

As a consumer first and a blogger and influencer later, it absolutely works!

1. I was given many years ago a swatch of different foundations and concealers from they are the only foundation that I can use without having to mix several other foundations to get a perfect finish. When I do make Television appearances, this is my go to foundation, even professional make- up artist say that this is the best brand for my skin tone.

So thanks to a swatch, I am a loyal supporter of the foundation.

2. I was also given a sample for skin wash for oily skin from It was effective, but this summer I had major acne f…

Effective Networking: Win/ Win for both

Here are some effective networking tips for business, church, children's school, etc.

When you see someone who is doing something that you would love to do or want take a time out and just know this person had to go through a lot to fulfill their dream or goals.

1. Approach people who you truly care about and see yourself inviting them to your home for dinner.

2. People detect insincerity and if they have given you information and you are intentions or motives are not pure, that is the last time they would ever do anything for you again.

3. If you need information from someone, invite them out and don't play mental games or ask questions and then imply you can do the same thing, no you can't or you would already be doing it.

4. If they are in a negative space don't engage or feed there story because when they come out of that negative head space after they have given you information, they realize your insincerity, you took advantage of them and would ne…